By Hon Munsanje

In Zambia, being a politician pays more than being a teacher but that shouldn’t have been the case. Politicians are having SALARIES but even with that, they are up for the coins from the poor people. The case of continued fuel reduction denial can tell.

From $82 per barrel, fuel has been reduced to $56 per barrel which brings in good moneys to the people of Zambia. With Dora Siliya’s sided explanation of “old stock”, from this privilege, the poor remain poorer instead of gaining economical powers.

It is NOT the bus drivers, like for the case of Lusaka, that continue crying for a reduction but bus users. The bus owners can’t reduce price if it continues being high from the source. When will you listen to the people President ECL over fuel reduction?

As bus users, we cant go for gym because that meant for gym is gone for transport fares. When will the old stock finish Madam Information Minister? Why are you fooling the poor electorate over such misinformation? When will we trust our leaders as being service oriented?

When it is time to increase, we hear terms like WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT but when it is time to reduce, we are shocked with OLD STOCK DEFENSE by Madam Dora Siliya. What is really wrong with the Patriotic Front (PF) leadership and their defense for wrong things?

We might not be heard now as electorates and please, you leaders, just know that come 2021, we will not listen to you too. We will drink your beer, we will ride your bicycles, we will wear your clothes, we will eat your food but WILL NEVER VOTE FOR LIES again.

The time to listen to electorates is now and not 2020 when elections are closer. The time to focus on the people was in 2016 after winning elections up to 2021 when another election is held not when we are in the campaign time. Will you ever listen to us?

President ECL must be careful with ministers surrounding him because such denial for fuel reduction impoverish the majority that are already poor. With all due respect, a Cabinet reshuffle can work out as at now where Madam Dora is taken to another Ministry, Jean Kapata and Lawrence Sichalwe are rested on national interest.

It is now time that you reduced fuel price because if, from nowhere, fuel price increase today, you will not reduce but rather increase again. Muteness doesnt solve any problem and your silence when we are crying will heavily pay you off with sadness, if you are not careful.



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