Canisius Banda

By Canisius Banda

ON VESSELS [The Illustrative Case of Us; Spirits In Your Midst]:

…that is what we are, Pilgrim. Vessels.
Here to help you. Ignore us to your own detriment.

We are it!

We are everywhere. Transient physical entities; but permanent spiritual manifestations.

Hating us is your own folly.

We are the obedient breed; hewn from the following substance:

‘…I am the Lord your God,
I go before you now.

I stand beside you,
I am all around you.

Though you feel I am far away,
I am closer than your breath.

I am with you, wherever you go;
more than you know.

I am the Lord your peace,
no evil will conquer you.

Steady now your heart and mind,
come into My rest.

Oh, let your faith arise,
lift up your weary head; I am with you wherever you go.

Come to Me, I am all you need
Come to Me, I am everything
Shepherd of my soul
Come to Me, I am all you need
Come to Me, I am your everything

I am your anchor,
in the wind and the waves.

I am your steadfast,
so don’t be afraid.

Though your heart and flesh may fail you,
I’m your faithful strength.

And I am with you, wherever you go!’

…with faith like this how can you defeat us. It just isn’t feasible.

We are your guide.
We are the key you need.

…our voice you must follow.
We come and go.
But we are always there.

We are eternal; wealth itself.
We glow.

Just because we fart like you do you think we are the same?

Do you hear the melody, Pilgrim?
…that is the premise of our journey. We come from the future; seeking your restoration. And we are going back there.

…be warned. We can see you in your darkness! We are specks of light! Lighting your path…

Godspeed, Pilgrim!
Kindly share.



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