The cold hand of ZIALE has struck again, this time hitting 98.65 % students who have failed their bar exams.

In the 2019 results accessed by the The independent observer only 5 students out of 355 successfully passed all the 10 courses required to be admitted to the bar as advocates of the High Court for Zambia. The 350 students will have to sit for repeaters examination scheduled for December this year.

Last year, Minister of Justice Given Lubinda summoned ZIALE management to explain the alarming low pass rate of the institution.

The Director Ononuji reassured the minister that management would review its curriculum but emphasised that ZIALE would not compromise the quality of the lawyers it was producing just for the sake of increasing the quantities.



  1. What quality is ZIALE talking about. Is Lungu a quality lawyer? How about Kabimba, Mmembe, Ngulube etc.? Please talk of other things not quality of most Zambian lawyers.

    Where else in the world do you find such failure rates year after year. Yet Zambia needs more qualified lawyers. ZIALE needs to reflect on what they are doing. Let those papers be taken to the UK for remarking and you will find 80 % pass. Are there any external moderators and if so government must review their reports.

  2. Comment:bakopifye ama lawywrs look at tgem serious alwaya getting other lawyers idears abd cibclusion nothjng else.They always kook at other cases and tbis so called …….

    .blablabla acording to or blablabla rulling…..all thjs tells you that 5 /3… is very true


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