Coach Steady Divine


Zambian Life and Relationship Coach who is also a Pastor Steady Divine says only Lazy, useless and sexually starved men who have nothing to offer can get excited about the offer of marrying more than one Eswatini ladies.

Coach Steady Divine says he is shocked at the low thinking of a bunch of Lazy zambians who could offer nothing to their women in the country but think they could offer milk to other women in a diffrent country.

He says there was no diffrence between women from other countries and those in Zambia.

“You jump out your tiny legs in excitement over the Eswatini offer of women!Shame on you my brother. You are just a lazy, useless and sexually starved fellow. You need deliverance. Sex must not excite a busy good thinker. Sex is just a supplement you get but the bigger picture must be how do you succeed in your tiny and boring life” he said.

Coach Steady Divine says it is a shame to be from a country were men get excited over sex.

He has however wondered what the difference might be between a Zambian woman to an Eswatini woman.

“So what is the diffrence if i may ask those fellows? You leave your own women and jump to another country. What are you looking for? We have beautiful ladies in the country who are better than those from other countries. So sit down and apologize to all Zambian women” he stated.

However His Majesty King Mswati III, the leader of the Kingdom of Eswatini has denied reports that have spread like wildfire on social media alleging he has ordered the men of Eswatini to marry more than one wife or face a jail term.

In a statement issued on Monday by Government Spokesperson Percy Simelane said, “The current dispatch titled marry more wives or face jail quoting the King are not only an insult to the monarchy but a disgrace to journalism.”


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