Jonas Shakafuswa


By Rick Nchito
Former Katuba Member of Parliament Jonas Shakafuswa says only the corrupt and insane will still support and vote for the outgoing Patriot Front (PF).

And Shakafuswa has warned leaders in government not to be drunk with power.

The former Katuba lawmaker said the writing on the wall is clear that PF’s time is up.

In reacting to Kabwe Central PF Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube who is on record of accusing the MMD for the current challenges the nation is faced with, Shakafuswa said it is clear that leaders in PF are now admitting that they have failed to deliver.

“It is now clear for all well-meaning Zambians to see that this administration has failed to deliver what it had promised the people in 2011. They have been in government for 8 years and they still want to accuse the MMD for the current challenges, really!” wondered Shakafuswa.

“That is why I keep on saying that only the corrupt and insane will still have the courage to support and vote for PF.”

And Shakafuswa has further warned leaders in government against being arrogant.

“This is exactly the reason MMD was kicked out of office; arrogance. It’s arrogance that kicked out MMD out of power and it is arrogance that will kick out PF,” he said.

“It is surprising how everyone in government has become so drunk with power. When they speak, they speak as though they are more Zambian than everyone of us. Whenever they open their mouth to speak, they want to sound as if they owe Zambia. Am glad Zambians have learnt lessons.”



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