Goodmorning fellow country men and women,we hope the jaws and claws of this hard economy have not dug into us.

My President,let it be put on record that unlike others,im not a cadre. I write this because i am a zambian national. Many things have gone wrong under your leadership. Corruption has increased and this we see with the cases of misappropriation of funds that have seemingly become a trend now amongst civil servants. You have lost grip of the nation.
You have focussed on being a tourist by flying overseas at every given opportunity. When neighbouring zimbabwe their president came back when things got too bad,you choose to go at every opportunity. You are supposed to be a father figure but what father runs away from his home when hunger strikes the household.

You are by far,the worst economic performing President i have experienced in my entire 2 decades in this nation..Even the corruption plagued Chiluba reign peformed better.
You are acting as a coward when you are supposed to be the bravest man in the land. This is because your own ministers and aides such as Kampyongo,Chanda,Mwila and the rest,have continued to utter careless statements with no action taken. Others such as Chitotela were fired before for corruption but now you take them back and refuse to fire them even when evidence is overwhelming against them.

You have let cadres harras the nation and yet you hardly ever issue statements to stop them from doing so..How long will you blame every political fight on the opposition,when will you realise that your own party is also making life difficult for majority of the zambians?

Your police wing is infested with cadres and not proffessionals..Remember Kabila Laurent was killed by his close people,Ghadaffi was overthrown by the same army he controlled,you will dance to your music one day,lets hope the rhythm will be to your liking. The very people that bow to your commands will one day hound you out of office.

However,my advice is,do the right thing..Fire the underperfoming ministers,regulate the influence of cadres,these will be your downfall and please implement sound economic policies that will benefit the nation for centuries to come. Our prayer is not to have another President,rather,all we wish for is our current President to turn around the economy and deliver on promises to better zambia.
With Love,
Tindi Ntalasha,
National development analyst



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