Patriotic Front Chifubu member of parliament Frank Ng’ambi


CHIFUBU PF member of parliament Frank Ng’ambi says the ruling party MPs are not corrupt but using personal money to empower people.

And more than 200 National Democratic Congress members in Chifubu Constituency in Ndola have defected to the Patriotic Front citing lack of leadership in the NDC party.

Ng’ambi said the party that they had joined had done a lot in terms of development and empowering people.

He said people in the constituency had resolved to rally behind President Edgar Lungu and that come August 12, the PF would emerge stronger than in 2016.

“In seven years President Lungu has been in power, he has improved the road network, built schools, constructed markets and health facilities and very soon Chifubu is going to have a hospital. There is unprecedented development in Chifubu,” he said.

Ng’ambi challenged opposition MPs to take a leaf from PF MPs who have been empowering people in their constituencies using their earned money.

“I challenge the opposition to empower people. They call us corrupt because of the empowerment that we are giving our people but what they are forgetting is that we get the same pay and some of us we save part of our earnings and this is the empowerment we give to our people so even those in opposition should do the same,” boasted Ng’ambi.

Leading the defectors, former Chifubu Constituency NDC chairperson Kingstone Kasonde said members have defected because they are attracted to the good leadership in the PF.

Kasonde said the members have decided to join the PF to be part of the winning team and that they appreciated the development being scored under the leadership of President Lungu.

He said the PF had done well in areas of infrastructure development such as roads, hospitals and schools.

The defectors were received by Ndola district PF chairperson Benjamin Chitondo and Ng’ambi.

Chitondo welcomed the defectors to the PF and assured them of the party’s support.

He urged party members to welcome and support new members who were joining the party in the district.
“The decision you have made to defect is highly appreciated. You will never regret it because you are joining a winning team – a team of development and I am assuring you that you have the same rights as the old members,” said Chitondo.


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