maiko zulu

By Maiko Zulu


Like it or not, the Patriotic Front (PF) is still the biggest and most powerful political party in Zambia and as long as the opposition continues to be content with Facebook and meme victories, PF will continue ruling beyond 2021.

Yesterday’s byelection results particularly from Western Province should be taken as a huge wake up call for the opposition especially the UPND whose supporters are already convinced that their party will form the next government. As a matter of fact, if the UPND don’t play their cards right, a new party will surpass them with the possibility of forming government so for my elder brother HH and the UPND, 2021 is a litmus test for their political existence. Remember how the little known Edgar Lungu became Republican President after the death of King Cobra Michael Chilufya Sata. This was despite titles like ‘Chakolwa’, ‘Jameson’ ‘Komboni’ and his self confessed ‘Visionless’.

Yes, PF have messed the country up economically, socially, religiously, politically and all but the opposition doesn’t seem to capitalize on these fallbacks. Even with divisions within the ruling party, corruption allegations and political anarchy, they still continue to gain milage especially among rural voters. The average Zambian voter is gullible and in many instances the value of their vote can be equated to a disposable Chinese t-shirt and PF has fully capitalised on this mass ignorance and an uninformed electorate. A lot of ‘develoomental’ projects will be rolled out for political milage by the ruling party which will make the opposition job even harder.

Another dimension that has been largely dormant is the aspect of the Youth vote. Opposition doesn’t seem to have a tangible plan for youth participation and inclusion in their parties, save for parties like Fred M’membe’s Socialist Party, the only party to have a clearly outlined ideology so far. If young people decide to, they can drastically change the political landscape of the country and decide who forms the next government. As things stand, there is a notable and steady uprising of youth who have decided to be the game changers and not spectators in their own game.

So if opposition think PF will be wiped out just like that in the next 12 months, I’m afraid people will have heart conditions and high blood pressure when ECZ announces the results the way your preempted victory on Facebook yesterday was crushed by the actual results. Meanwhile lawyers will be on standby to chew your money. In fact what a number of people are asking is whether opposition will be a lesser evil than what we have in PF today.




  1. Too right. In fact, UPND would do well to ditch the appearance of being a tribal party. HH should be more visible and appeal to all Zambians regardless of Province.

  2. I taka this as caution and frustration rather than a reality on the ground. I don’t think Maiko really has information of what is happening on the ground. Frustrations make people lose focus. PF survival is dependent on rigging elections.

  3. Despite losing elections many times, the UPND has never taken time to reorganise itself, to bring in new blood and has continued with people with whom it is impossible to win a presidential election. Apart from the UPND President himself, Gary Nkombo and Jack Mwiimbu the other leaders in UPND are not known. Yes PF will win next 2021 elections not because they are popular but because there is no capacity in the opposition. The recent ward bye-elections results should however not be the yardstick because of the high voter apathy which works against the party in power, the PF. Futhermore bribery of the electorate by the PF is more widespread in a small ward bye election than in a general election. The current socio-economic conditions in the country dictate a change of government. However, despite the prevailing favourable conditions for a change of government in Zambia, the opposition must work very hard if they have to remove a corrupt and scared PF from power. The PF, with it`s corrupted state institutions, will do whatever it takes to retain power.

  4. I doubt if Michael Zulu is talking with critically checked facts. You see happenings don’t just happen, there must be atmosphere indicating to some extent at least that a certain hapenning is going to or is likely to happen. PF victory anywhere this time, or for that matter opposition victory or loss cannot happen as a spontaneous event for which there is nothing in the atmosphere giving indications that it is going or is likely to happen. For sure the atmosphere currently is full of indications or likelihood of the opposition victory in elections now or in 2021. This implies losses for PF either now or in 2021. But of course the atmosphere is also full of indications that PF will rig any election that happens now or next year. And it must for sure be these rigging indicators that point to possible PF (fake) victory in any election now or 2021. This (fake) PF victory in the last bye elections is therefore not spontaneous. It could not happen without indications. Since there are no indications that PF can win a free and fair election, this fake PF victory could not and did not come from the people’s free choices, or free will to vote for PF. It is even unlikely that this pseudo victory came from actual vote of the electorate there. IT COULD BE AND IS MOST LIKELY COOKED UP VICTORY. Now look, if any happening is supposed to have indicators, or that the atmosphere should somehow at least tell that something is going to happen, then what atmosphere indicated that PF was likely to win where it has fakely won? What is it that we could see pointing at this fake PF victory? Look, what is in the atmosphere now is PF failure everywhere, which failure no citizens is happy with and would not render a vote for PF as a result. What is in the atmosphere is that PF is flushing money everywhere esp where elections are coming, which is a malpractice and doesn’t point at voters clamoring to vote for PF. Even the bye elections themselves are bribed into by PF. They are elections created fraudulently by bribing councillors!! It is also very clear that PF are conniving with ECZ, the police and many other state institutions to advantage themselves in elections. This is the atmosphere we see. But it is a malpractice which has nothing to do with voters jostling to vote for PF. It is also in the atmosphere that PF are frustrating opposition movements due to exaggerated COVID situation, and through the public order act. This is a malpractice, nothing of voters waking up at 04 wanting to cast a vote for PF. The PF have made life for everyone except themselves very very hard in terms of take home pay, business, taxes, high fuel and food prices and all other commodity prices. We pay through the nose for electricity, for fuel. But they also loadshed us!! It is in the atmosphere too that PF are stealing our money to enrich themselves, leftovers they take around to bribe councillors and create the same bye elections. PF are thieves, plunderes and bandits running our country. Tel me, which voter wants to be led by such? Does all this atmosphere point to the hapenning of a PF victory now or in 2021? Certainly not. The atmosphere pointing to PF victory anywhere, anytime, now or next year is nothing but PF electoral MALPRACTICES…, PF PANGAS, MATCHETES AND GUNS…, AND THE ORCGASTRATED VIOLENCE, NOTHING ELSE. WHAT WE NEED ALL OF US NOW IS TO BE PART OF THE RESISTANCE TO PF RULE AND MISCHIEF, AND TO JOIN HANDS TOGETHER TO OVERSHADOW PF ELECTION MALPRACTICES AND ELECTION VIOLENCE. FOR NOW THE UPND AND ITS ALLIANCE PARTNERS ARE THE WAY. ANYTHING WE DO OR SAY TO DISCOURAGE OR DISPERAGE THE OPPOSITION EFFORT TO FIGHT PF IS A STAB INTO OUR CHANCES TO WIN THE BATTLE FOR OUR LIBERTIES, FREEDOMS AND FUTURE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC PROSPERITY. United we stand, Divided we feed the enemy.

  5. The Bible says open rebuke is better than concealed love! Hope UPND and Other opposition parties will take note. Remember that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting different results.
    Don’t cross the bridge before you get there! What we see is a lukewarm relaxed opposition that is banking on a sympathy vote in view of spectacular PF Failure to grow the Economy! The opposition message should sound like Sata’s rallying messages. Hate him or not, Sata was the prototype of an opposition leader who had what it takes to swey Zambian voters. You can’t win a Zambian election by only talking about GDP! You must use Komboni reasoning to make it!

  6. that is the problem we have with our opposition in Zambia.they see things in the eye of hatred.what Michael zulu has said is true but upnd does not want to learn.upnd think every one hate pf much as pf has failed in some areas they have also brought notable development in some opposition must find ways of convincing an ordinary Zambia instead of Facebook victory

  7. We are now at that stage that no matter what we dont want PF. So even if the opposition are allowed to campaign or not still more the PF are going unless they rig like last time.

  8. Maiko Zulu is right on some points, but has ignored certain electral hurdles faced by the opposition.
    1. HH and the UPND literally won the 2026 elections because the compaign space had a semblance of being free and fair. There no restrictions on the opposition’s movements and rallies.
    2. There wasn’t as much vote buying as we are witnessing today.
    3. The police service was more professional and not as partisan as is now.
    4. PF cadres weren’t as militarilised as they are now.
    5. Peaceful demonstrations were not carried out in the bush because there no threats of bones being broken.
    6. Radio and tv stations were not attacked and closed for providing platforms to discuss national issues.
    7. opposition leaders were not prevented from freely moving anywhere they wanted.
    8. there was no mass buying of opposition councillors as we are witnessing.
    9. There wasn’t so much uncontrolled corruption by PF officials as now.
    We can go on and on, but one thing for sure is that you cannot take people for granted forever. Change of government is fast approaching.

  9. This is a time when the country needs men and women who either cold or hot and not lukewarm, we don’t need men who one leg in water another leg on the fire. If maiko is truely disturbed by what pf has done to Zambia, he would have been to these areas where bye elections were taking place and edged people to vote any party but not pf , it is the responsibility of any Zambian who wants change to effect change and not just leave it to political players.

  10. If you are doing nothing as a citizen to effect the change you want, maybe its best to keep quite and let the nature of politics take its course on you and never complain if and when we find ourselves in a quagmire like the one that has befallen us.

  11. That is macheals thinking. we are not sleeping. we are working under ground ba Michael. The sam PF, you are talking abaout is the one telling you that you are 40 years old and that you are not a Youth any more.

  12. This is not the time for serious opposition parties and progressive media to brace for possible PF 2021 victory. The opposition and progressive media and civil society should not give space or allow PF and Lungu to pretend that the problems they have caused Zambia to go through don’t exist. The opposition should keep pressing on the pedal so that PF is forced to require more surrogates to execute cover ups for their failures.
    The opposition should not allow PF to control the narrative. The opposition campaigns should keep questioning PF’s lying, cheating and sowing divisions. PF should not be allowed to stir tribal animosity in the country. Chiefs and gullible individuals are being bought and coerced to pronounce PF’s preferred narrative that HH and UPND is a tribal party when established facts contradicts this narrative. Progressive media, youths and the opposition should keep presenting the correct narrative.
    To the opposition the advice is that instead of bracing for PF possible victory in 2021, keep hitting PF at their most stressful points. PF has stress in trying to keep citizens from knowing the fact that PF knows nothing about effective development, good governance or even simple human decency. In these areas, PF should be subjected to close scrutiny and made to face significant opposition. What will save us from PF and the current president is exposing PF and Lungu’s lies and outrageous claims. A strong and vibrant media and opposition will not turn a blind eye to the daily corruption PF has facilitated or committed since they came to power in Zambia. This PF corruption, suppression of freedoms of assembly and speech is leading to the collapse of Zambia’s economy, democracy, health and wellbeing of the citizens.
    There should be an aggressive information campaign using evidence against the false presentation of PF and Lungu as a legitimately successful outfit. Ordinary people should be made to understand that the PF government has siphoned off Zambian taxpayers money to support the myth of a working PF government. The bribes given to citizens by PF is from money stolen from the same citizens. The infrastructure the PF government boasts of is funded from huge debts part of which is stolen to benefit corrupt PF officials and their surrogate gate keepers. The opposition should also be aggressive in stating how they will manage and account for taxpayers money to open equal opportunities for all Zambians.
    An aggressive campaign to compel ECZ to conduct free and fair elections in 2021 should be given priority. Opposition should support efforts for youths and all citizens qualifying to vote to have all required documents to enable them register as voters. Any decisions that reduces the number of registered voters should be denied and challenged. Look out and close loopholes for rigging of the 2021 elections. Brace for opposition victory in 2021!!



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