Dear editor

Why then reduce tution fees for Government schools & colleges?

I need some serious education on this matter because it does not make economic sense.Ask me why?

You see, the government is struggling financially & it is very easy to see. It is failing to pay Civil servants on time. As we speak, some government departments have not yet received salaries for April.

Most Capital projects financed by central government were halted. The only projects I see running are those financed by either public private partnership or grants from other governments like the De congestion project which is financed by the Indian government.

Do we currently have a project financed by domestic revenue? Is our domestic revenue even enough to pay our civil service. The government owes local & foreign contractors a huge sum of money.

I am reliably informed that several ministries have not yet received funding. Our nation is deep in debt.

All these are indicators of a struggling economy. Hence I am failing to understand how the reduction in the school fees will be cutioned. What rationale has been used to gap this difference. We are a nation which needs every penny we make at the moment.

My question is: are these policies made by a developing government or policies made by a desperate government. How will government ensure that education standards are maintained after this huge reduction. Were will it get the difference, clearly our domestic revenue is choked.

Has education been silently subsidised?

My point is: in as much as reducing school fees is a good thing. We must understand as a people if it has been inspired by a developmental agenda or it was birthed by desperation to win 2021. If the later is true, this policy may not be sustainable. It may breed other problems.

Can government explain through ministry of education how a financially struggling economy has managed to reduce school fees & yet fail to pay civil servants in other areas. Fail to pay contractors & yet make this huge reduction.

This is a good move which doesn’t make economic sense…..

Economists! & other elite people come here & shed more light.




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