Yona Musukwa writes:

The National Management Committee of the UPND has with immediate effect passed a vote of no confidence in its Vice President, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and have further resolved that GBM exculpates himself within 7 Days, during which period he will remain suspended.

Listening to the voice notes and interviews GBM has been doing in the last one week, he has been asking for it. GBM has been playing to the gallery, disregarding party rules, undermining his boss, fellow party leaders and putting the name of the party into disrupt.

There is no political party in the whole World that would tolerate a Vice President who behaves a like a spoiled brat, wanting the organization to tiptoe around him as if he is an egg, that if he doesn’t get his way, he will break.

Organisational discipline is sacrosanct. If you compromise on organizational discipline for expedience, you kill the organisation. The late President Michael Sata faced a similar dilemma when 26 PF members of parliament defied a directive from the party leadership to boycott the National Constitutional Conference (NCC). If my memory serves me right, PF had about 43 or so mps in total, and 26 of them rebelled, thought they were bigger than the organisation. But being a political genius he was, President Sata understood the importance of organisational discipline and the dangers it posed if absent, he expelled all of them. Many commentators thought that was the end of PF. But 3 years later, PF formed government and all the 26 mps never returned to parliament and their political careers ended abruptly.

Despite the NMC of the UPND doing the correct thing, decisively dealing with the issue within the constitutional provision of the party, I do sympathise with the UPND because it carries an albatross on its neck, that of tribalism, and childish and ill-disclplined GBM and other enemies of the party are going to extensively exploit. The British have a proverb that explains this dilemma; “Give a dog a bad name and hang him”.

But the UPND leadership should be proud of themselves. They have done the correct thing and in the interest of the party. When all is said and done, with the correct tactics and strategies, they will look back and remember this episode as a slight irritation as they form government in 2021.


  1. This is the way to go” bana ba Zambia let move forward, without this bafoonu.
    Forward, fye. 2021, it’s coming we have a lot of issue to campaign on against ba kosher.. Chishimba, has delivered on the Copperbelt

  2. He must not return back to UPND because he has already brought in umusebanya. Let him go away with his Kaponyaz whose language is of his likes like the PF cadres.

    You would here his language and compsre it to those that were threatening Liswaniso are just like PF who threatened to kill Kambwili.

  3. GBM is childish. What secrets is he going to reveal about UPND as reported on Tumfweko? This guy is really a sponsored gun of PF.


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