Kwame Nkrumah University

Pandemonium has hit Zambia’s biggest teacher training institution Kwame Nkrumah University after student cried foul of being given wrong grades. Students who wrote exams in April/May 2018 have said the results which are showing on their students’ account do not reflect their performance. Others have said for past 24 hours, their grades which are showing online have been changing every hour and wondered why their results are being tempered with.

Students who do social sciences wondered why they could be given wrong grades while others have their results missing.

Rumour has it that the old lecturers are not happy with the dismissal of their colleagues who were fired recently hence the anomalies.

Meanwhile students who are pursuing natural sciences which include Mathematics have terribly failed.

According to the university’s rule, any student who fails to clear is required to repeat saying failures cannot proceed to the next level especially if one fails the course he/she is majoring in.

More students in the School of Natural Science will have to repeat and re-do the courses so that they clear without any difficulties.
The results for April/May exams are out.


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