Panji Kaunda


By Patson Chilemba

Sunday Chanda and his employers are a bunch of small little idiots running around midnight chasing their own shadows, ruling PF member Colonel Panji Kaunda has charged.

And Col Panji said he is not married to the petticoats and underpants of PF for them to dictate to him what he should and should not do.

Sounding incensed after being accused by ruling PF media director Chanda, that he together with Lameck Mangani, a former diplomat (in apparent reference to Ambassador George Zulu) and a ‘certain self-styled wannabe media guru based in Lusaka’, among others were working with UPND to scheme against President Edgar Lungu, by targeting people like his daughter Tasila, Col Panji told Daily Revelation that Chanda and his masters should not blame others on matters that were of their own making.

Col Panji said Eastern Province was not a stronghold of any party as what the people were more concerned about there was service delivery, adding that they could not be enslaved to a political party when there was no food on their tables.

“The issues we have raised through you ‘the wannabe media guru’ are issues on the ground. In Sinda the Forest (gazetted Forest Number 70 popularly known as Chimutengo) has been fenced off. Issues about the Beit Stadium involving Housing and Infrastructure minister Vincent Mwale are there. The issues of road contracts by the Ministry of Local Government are there,” Col Panji said. “These are issues on the ground and it’s the duty of any citizen to report.



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