Government has noted with concern that most parents in some parts of the country have this term opted not to pay school fees for their children, despite the reduction of the user fees by the Ministry of General Education.

Minister of General Education David Mabumba says through consultations with a number of school managers on the Copperbelt and Northwestern province have revealed that some parents do not want to pay any single ngwee for their children to be enrolled in school.

Mr Mabumba says parents must be grateful to Government and that they should appreciate this gesture which is unprecedented.

The Minister said Government reduced school fees as a measure to allow vulnerable children whose parents cannot afford to pay.

He said the danger of not paying school fees is that it may affect operations at schools.

He said this at a meeting held at Mufulira high school after a number of school head teachers complained to him that parents have opted not to pay school fees.

The Minister has however appealed to the local leadership to help sensitize parents on the importance of paying school fees.



  1. Research when seeking solutions to a problem is very important. It enables one to know the cause and effects of the issue at hand. If parents are still failing to pay school fees even when they have been reduced, then there is a likelihood that those charged with the responsibility of running our general education system have failed to identify the real reasons causing low school attendance in some parts of the country. So go back and research and you will find answers.


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