Congolese politician Patrice Lumumba after he was captured by soldiers under the command of Joseph Mobutu in 1960




On 17th January 1961, African martyr Patrice Emery Lumumba was secretely murdered in a remote forest location of the Katanga province, South Eastern Congo.

Just 7 months after his appointment as the first popularly elected prime minister of Congo upon his country’s independence from Belgium on 30th June 1960, he was forced out of office, mercilessly killed, and his remains buried in a mass grave with two other political followers who had been executed alongside him. US , UK and Belgium feared this man because he was almost taking the Congo into the hands of USSR.

The execution is reported to have happened in the presence of the Belgian Counsel General in Congo. He was there reportedly to personally ascertain the killing of Patrice Lumumba and report the accomplished task back to Belgium who eventually were tasked to report it formally to US and UK.

Today Congolese and foreign tourists flock the remote site to see for themselves the place where Patrice Lumumba was murdered, he was Congo Messiah in the offing but to the three powers he was a sellout. A tree and a grave stone mark where he was shot and then buried. The tree is still marked with holes made by the bullets after going through his body.

It has long been known that Belgium actively participated in Lumumba’s death, and the European country’s role has been highlighted recently by a film, several documenntaries, and several books.

‘The Assassination of Lumumba’, by the Flemish expert on Africa Lugo De Witte, shows that the Congolese Prime Minister was assaulted in the presence of Belgian officers and tortured in a villa guarded by Belgian troops.

Claude Grandelet, one of the Belgian soldiers guarding the house, narrated recently those events saying:

“We had been ordered to shoot at UN peacekeepers if they came to check on Lumumba. And if we couldn’t prevent the UN troops from entering the premises, we were ordered to immediately kill Lumumba” he Narrated.

It is also worth noting that when he was ultimately killed, the Congolese Prime Minister was shot by an execution squad supervised by a Belgian captain.

His body would be exhumed a few days later from the shallow grave where he and his two colleagues bodies had been summarily dumped.

The exhumation was conducted by Belgian police commissioner Gerard Soet. He narrated in a 2000 documentary how he then chopped Patrice Lumumba’s body to pieces, burned them, and then dipped the remains in a tar-coated barrel of sulphuric acid before burning whatever was left.

More worryingly, Mr. Soete also admitted on Belgian television that he had even kept two of the victim’s teeth which he presented to the camera’s.

As he unfolded a handkerchief to present the two remains, he remarked that “Lumumba had very nice teeth.. One had been crowned with gold in the back”.

This revelation prompted loud calls for their return to Congo.

Today at the site of the execution, one Congolese eye witness Mr. Lwimba Mutifu Njiba narrates to visitors how he and his father were returning from hunting at about 8 O’clock on that fateful evening when they saw the lights of a vehicle driving into the bushes.

As they watched from a distance, he saw one person being taken by soldiers from the truck to a nearby tree and shot. Then a second person. Then a third and last individual.

At the time he did not know who the three people being executed were.

He and his father stayed out of sight during the entire ordeal and only returned to the location the next morning to find a shallow mass grave with the bare feet of all three victims sticking out from the earth.

He also says that some Belgians would return a few days later to unearth the remains, and dump them in a barrel of acid.

They reportedly did so in order to erase any physical trace of Patrice Lumumba.

However since his death, Patrice Lumumba has become an African martyr and a symbol of the continents independence struggle.

He remains revered across Africa and the Third World.

In February 2002, after reviewing the facts and following Mr. Gerard Soete’s public confession, the Belgian government finally admitted their role in the coordinated assassination plot.

They then apologized for their murderous actions.

In the year (2017), while possibly fearing for his own life following public confrontations with his own intelligence agencies, President Donald Trump signed an executive order releasing more classified documents regarding the 1963 assassination of US President John F. Kennedy.

Surprisingly, researchers found their-in some secret documents relating to the assassination of Patrice Lumumba.

The two deaths happened three years apart and had one thing in common: They were both widely attributed to United States intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

The newly declassified House Intelligence Committee document that was found in the Kennedy files says: “According to Richard Bissell who was the CIA Deputy Director of Planning at the time, he was aware of the plot to assassinate Patrice Lumumba and “a case officer was directed to look into the possibilities.”

One could question if it is legal in U.S or international law for any government or any individual to look into assassinating anyone.

Remember that the target of the assassination plot is an unarmed, innocent, legitimate civilian leader who is not a declared enemy of either the United States, Belgium or England.

He is also the Prime Minister of a sovereign country that is not at war with, nor attacking any of the above-mentioned countries.

In the Guardian newspaper, American journalist Martin Kettle wrote that US President Dwight Eisenhower directly ordered the CIA to

“eliminate Patrice Lumumba at all cost ”

“The evidence [of Eisenhower’s order] comes in a previously unpublished 1975 interview with the person who wrote the minutes at a White House meeting in August 1960 where Eisenhower and his national security advisers discussed the Congo crisis.

Robert Johnson who wrote the minutes of the meeting, said in the interview that he vividly recalled the president turning to Allen Dulles, director of the CIA, “in the full hearing of all those in attendance, and saying something to the effect that Patrice Lumumba should be eliminated”.

Mr Johnson recalled that

“There was stunned silence for about 15 seconds and the meeting continued.”

Mr. Johnson revealed the White House exchanges in 1975, when he was interviewed by the Senate intelligence committee inquiry into US covert action.

The committee confirmed that the CIA had conspired to kill Patrice Lumumba on Eisenhower’s direct orders.

It also appears that British intelligence was part of the assassination plot together with the Belgians and the CIA.

Baroness Daphne Park who was known as the “Queen of Spies” after four decades as one of Britain’s top female intelligence agents, is believed to have been sent by British intelligence service MI6 to the Belgian Congo in 1959 under an official diplomatic guise as the country was about to become independent and the Belgians were on the point of being ousted from Congo.

While discussing with Labour peer Lord Lea about the uproar surrounding Lumumba’s abduction and murder, and recalling the concerns that MI6 might have had something to do with it, Baroness Park reportedly admitted saying; ‘We did, I organised it. Lumumba would have handed over the whole lot to the Russians: the high-value Katangese uranium deposits as well as the diamonds and other important minerals largely located in the secessionist eastern state of Katanga.”

American Larry Devlin was the CIA field agent in Congo entrusted by the US government to organize the assassination of Patrice Lumumba.
A classified cable shows that he received $100,000 dollars and orders to embark on the covert action.

In his only known public interview on the matter, agent Devlin said: “I remember being totally surprised at being instructed to get rid of Lumumba.”

One of the options was “to put poison in his toothpaste or something like that which would result in a sickness similar to polio…I believe it was a presidential order.” he added.

Agent Devlin worked closely with Colonel Louis Marliere of the Belgian Secret service who also served in the defence section of the Belgian Embassy in Congo.

Col. Marliere did declare publicly that “Yes, the Americans wanted Lumumba dead.”

He also did receive direct orders from two of his superiors who travelled from Belgium to give him the instructions face to face.

Col Marliere worked with CIA agent Devlin and revealed that in preparation for the murder, “we bugged Patrice Lumumba’s office with listening devices and monitored all his calls. Though he spoke mostly in the kitetela dialect.”

According to both agents, the Americans planned the assassination operations and provided the required assets, then the Belgians did the covert action proper.

The assassination had seemingly been agreed between the leaders of the three western countries of Belgium, the US and the UK.

They each then secretely sent orders down to their respective agents on the ground to work together to accomplish the ultra-confidential task.
Western imperialist powers murdered the Congolese leader simply so that they can continue plundering and exploiting the vast reserves of Congolese precious minerals.

The assassination of PanAfrican hero Patrice Lumumba is therefore the clearest case of fascist western parasitism on Africa.

So-called “developed countries” all clinging to the African continent and barbarically enriching themselves with Africa’s invaluable natural resources with total disregard for African lives and the will of the African people.

The people of Congo had freely elected Patrice Lumumba as their leader.

After the murder, the Belgian Ministry for African affairs engineered “fake news” stories with headlines saying: “Patrice Lumumba killed by villagers.”

The global media from the three countries involved in the assassination then all started extensively broadcasting this diversionary version of events.

The goal was to claim that Patrice Lumumba died at the hands of his own people who were dissatisfied with him.

In reality he was the only legitimate leader. Chosen by the people of Congo in the country’s first ever general elections in 1960.

It is only ten years after his horrendous death that the truth about how he was really murdered would start to emerge.

And it is only recently that it would be discovered how the murder was ordered personally, directly, and angrily, by US President and murderer Mr. Dwight Eisenhower himself.

As for Belgian officer Gerard Soet who exhumed Patrice Lumumba’s body from the shallow grave, chopped it to pieces, and then dissolved everything in sulfuric acid, he said in his last public interview that: “There are so many versions out there about Lumumba’s death. Including those who think that he is not dead and will one day return.”

“If he does, he will have two front teeth missing” he added laughingly.

To this day he lives quietly in retirement in Belgium.

Patrice Lumumba’s surviving daughter Juliana said: “During the Jewish holocaust, bodies were chopped and burnt, it was called a crime against humanity”.

However no single person has ever been brought to justice for the heinous and unimaginable events around the assassination of Congo Prime Minister Patrice Emery Lumumba.

A confidential cable from Belgium intelligence services had code-named the assassination plot as ‘Operation Barracuda.’

Written by Hussein Lumumba Amin
Published on 18/01/2018


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