By David Zulu.

As Bill 10, Zambia’s worst nightmare since the British flag, the Union Jack was lowered and the Zambian flag raised at midnight on 24th October 1964, prepares to enter the chambers of parliament, the focus is trained at Speaker Patrick Matibini and the Legislature.

Like Pontius Pilate, the Judiciary has asked the PF this question, “Who do you want to crucify, Democracy or Dictatorship?”

“Crucify Democracy, crucify it crucify it, crucify it!”, PF roars back.

Judiciary: I find no sin committed by Democracy, but it is not for me to say if it is gulity or not guilty, take it to Legislature, he will decide. (Judiciary calls out to the court Marshal to bring in a bowl of water in which he washes his hands)

In the picture below, Speaker Patrick Matibini’s shoes being tied by a parliamentary aide.





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