… introduction of TPIN has increased taxpayer compliance

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) says the measure for financial institutions requiring all bank account holders to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN) is aimed at increasing taxpayer compliance.

ZRA Commissioner General, Kingsley Chanda says paying tax is the responsibility of every citizen and ZRA needs to track all those in receipt of undeclared income such as foreign dividends and interest.

Mr. Chanda says the measure by government will facilitate provision of information from financial institutions to ZRA in times of need.

He says Government has made it clear that it will not be deducting a specified amount per month from bank account holders as a result of this measure contrary to what is circulating in certain media circles that government wants to start taxing account holders.

Government last year, made it mandatory for financial institutions registered under the Banking and Financial Services Act to require all bank account holders to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number from ZRA.

The Authority has encouraged people without TPINs to obtain one as it is now mandatory for every person to have a TPIN.

The same TPIN can also be used for other transactions like importing a car or other goods or during transfer of land and other properties.


  1. At least Mr Commissioner General you are seeing the taxes work for you,i mean you have VX V8,big salary and other amenities.Us your clients only see daily scandals coming from the people we en trust these revenues to hold on our behalf,and if at all we see a road(which is rare as taxes go towards fattening tbe already fat government leaders whilst develomental monies come from donors and lenders) it is over priced.So i urge you to take it eazy ,after all you bave taken away everything.


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