Sean Tembo

PATRIOTS for Economic Progress President Sean Tembo says he is willing to return to the Opposition Alliance as long as a tangible roadmap is drawn.

Tembo, who was the Opposition Alliance spokesperson before his party disengaged from the group, disclosed that despite leaving the alliance his party had not rubbished the project.

He said he was willing to go back and work together with other opposition parties in the alliance as long as there was clarity on power sharing.

“One of the main reasons why we left the alliance was because no one in there was willing to commit to what is on offer to alliance members in terms of sharing of parliamentary and local government seats in 2021,” Tembo said. “If someone can clarify that part to us and we are happy with the number of MPs and councilors that we can field under the alliance umbrella, then of course we would not hesitate to go back to the Alliance.”

He said PeP strongly believes in the Alliance project although they have not always agreed with the manner in which it has been implemented.

“That is the reason why we have continued to maintain very good relations with all Alliance leaders despite the fact that we exited from the Alliance, almost two years ago now,” he said.

Tembo said PeP believed that opposition unity was the only sure way that could retire the ruling Patriotic Front in the national interest.

He however said to achieve that feat, there was need for not only hard work on the part of the opposition, but most importantly sincerity and honesty.

“It is worth emphasizing that for us in the Patriots for Economic Progress, we have never been interested in positions in a possible Alliance government, no. Our interest has only been about the sharing of parliamentary and local government seats. That is because we are more interested in growing our party than to have any immediate gratification, for now,” Tembo said.

He said the Patriotic Front government was incompetent even if they are offered sound advice about debt repayment they would fail.

Tembo observed that Zambians were suffering because the PF cannot heed solutions from the opposition.



  1. Sean you are too fast with your one man party, what is currently pertaining is that political parties are just at the stage of an alliance and they have not gone into a political pact yet, those that will go in a political pact are the one who at that stage can start talking about the silly things you are alluding to, besides I don’t think the alliance needs people like you anymore, we are watching them. you are a disgrace. and may just have been bought to bring confusion to the alliance.

  2. This is good news. It is my hope and prayer that PeP rejoins the opposition alliance. Sean Tembo is someone I have been following for sometime now and is someone you can learn something from.


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