Malawian President Peter Mutharika is the one who has engineered the current arrest and detention of Prophet Bushiri.

Mutharika is a close business friend of South African President Cyril Ramamphosa.

If you remember very well, Former Malawian President Joyce Banda was backed by Bushiri in the election she lost. This is where Bushiri stepped on the happiness of Mutharika who eventually lost that election but rigged it using the then MTN Director Saulosi Klaus Chilima who helped Mutharika to rig the 2004 election.

Saulosi Klaus Chilima was subsequently made vice President so that he keeps the secrete.

That is why the Electoral Commission of Malawi was burnt three days before the court in the country ordered for a recount of votes to establish the true winner Joyce Banda.

Coming to the main issue; Bushiri has made strides in Malawi to influence regime change against Mutharika’s despotic rule. But in retaliation, Mutharika has connived with Cyril Ramamphosa to cooks fake charges against Bushiri.

This is part of the plan to rig elections in Malawi and because Ramamphosa is also a corrupt person, Bushiri is being persecuted. – KT


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