MUSICIAN Mukubesa Mundia has asked what the ruling Patriotic Front and the Zambia Police Service are doing towards a crime of pornographic production.

Last week nude pictures and videos of former general education minister David Mabumba from a private WhatsApp video call were widely shared on social media.

On Wednesday, President Edgar Lungu dismissed Mabumba from his ministerial position and replaced him with Dennis Wachinga.

Mundia, popularly known as Petersen, said the Zambian government is not a political party, but an overall administration body consisting of the Judiciary, the Executive and the Legislature.

He said it was run through an established mechanism or discretionary powers known as a cabinet.

“The cabinet is made up of individuals appointed by the presidency from and among the several willing political parties and independent members of parliament. Therefore, if any of these members of cabinet break the law, before we even start considering the police’s reaction or moving in, the member of cabinet can be disciplined by the presidency, political party or/and any other non-political affiliated but governing national institution presiding over this land,” he said. “So when a member of parliament is a cabinet minister who commits a crime, GRZ can discipline such an individual at government level without considering what their respectful political party will do to the offender.”

Mundia, who is an aspiring member of parliament for Nalikwanda Constituency, said while UPND and PF were political parties by democratic right, they were mere vehicles or brands through which individual candidates could get elected to parliament or even end up being part of any given government’s cabinet.

“This is to say if a UPND member of parliament who is a non-member of this current cabinet commits a crime, we expect the UPND National Executive Committee to discipline such a member at political party level. This is away from police or cabinet disciplinary actions,” said Mundia in a posting. “Now, GRZ in its own capacity through the presidency has dropped Hon Mabumba from being a cabinet member, we should not forget this is done at State (non-partisan), but public administration level. What is the Patriotic Front as a political party with a moral code and Zambia Police as investigative institution of the land doing towards a crime of pornographic production??? Taba ye aisikafela….”



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