Fr Richard Luonde


FATHER Richard Luonde has expressed anger that PF is using the northern part of Zambia as a tool for promoting tribalism against other citizens.

The NDC national chairperson says President Edgar Lungu and his officials have been touring the northern part of the country for the sole purpose of turning the region against others.

He noted that ever since the Head of State started campaigning during by-elections, tribal language has never lacked in his mouth.

“My loving and honest appeal to the people of Zambia especially those from Luapula, Northern and Muchinga provinces is that do not allow this evil regime to turn you against your fellow citizens. These are wicked people who have had no idea about running a country, so the easiest weapon they had been using is tribalism,” Fr Luonde, a native of Luapula Province said. “We are the people targeted by this tribalist and corrupt PF regime to turn against our fellow citizens, especially those from Southern Province. They are using our language, Bemba, to despise other Zambians. Please, I beg you my family, reject this evil scheme from PF. Embrace every part of the country as your people as well. We are one country that should not be allowed to disintegrate because of President Lungu’s selfishness.”

He said it was unfortunate that some traditional leaders from the northern part of the country had joined into what he termed nonsensical acts and speeches.

“For example, there is one eminent traditional leader in the northern part of this country whose language is ever tribal. This leader is ever demeaning other tribes, especially those outside Luapula, Northern and Muchinga. No wonder PF have teamed with this traditional leader to campaign for them through some disguised civil society,” Fr Luonde added. “This is very shameful for a traditional leader worth their salt. We are one as a people living in Zambia and our tribe is Zambia. From the time we got our independence on the 24th of October 1964 we ceased to be called by our regional identities. Instead, we became Zambians, hence the need to uphold the One Zambia One Nation motto. This is a nation which these thieves want to destroy whilst we are watching. We will not allow them.”

He called for a rejection of “this PF evil project by voting them out on 12th August”.

“If not stopped by moving them out of office on the 12th of August 2021 general election, then just know that we shall be doomed to the grave,” he said. “I’ve left out Eastern Province and other provinces for now because these crooks have targeted the northern circuit, the area I come from, as a target for their tribalism stunts which will not work with the birth of the UPND alliance.”

Fr Luonde highlighted various incidents of tribalism perpetuated by President Lungu and his leaders.

He said despite outright tribal sentiments from ministers like Professor Nkandu Luo and Christopher Yaluma, President Lungu has kept quiet.

“The Constitution of this country clearly forbids tribalism and hate speech. To the contrary, this has been a daily menu for the PF, ever since Edgar Lungu took over from Michael Sata. Those of you who have monitored the campaign PF strategies in the northern circuit it has all been about tribe, nothing else,” said Fr Luonde. “Nothing about vision, sale of their manifesto, development and enhancement of human beings through policy, all they dwell on is tribalism. Talk about the Lukashya, Chilubi and Mwansabombwe parliamentary by-elections, the PF campaign anchored more on tribalism than real issues. And now that we have another pending by-election in Kaputa where the incumbent MP, honourable Maxas Ng’onga has died, the nation should expect more display of tribalism from Mr Lungu and his team. This is their only manifesto, nothing else.”


  1. I don’t believe Fr.Luonde said what has been reported.if he did then the good Fr is as blind as a drunken bat.Or maybe he’s not residing in zambia,or maybe he’s both.He can not suggest that people from Luapula and the north are stupid enough not to know what’s going on but he himself to say the PF is using them in the way he describes. While it’s true that some elements in the ruling party have been tribalistic it’s also true that some elements in the opposition have been worse off. Even chiefs aligned with the opposition are on record for having propagated tribalism in our country. But surprising enough not any one from the media or any NGO has spoken out on the evil. It’s like the only evil committed in Zambia is by the ruling party.but I think that’s the worst evil Zambians can ever commit by thinking that way. We’re all evil in our own ways. First correct the evil in yourself then maybe you can help the next evil one to be as holy as you are

  2. There is not going to be a by-election father luendo. but part of what you observed is true. Father, y didn’t you mention Mr kambwili in this article ,the man who championed this program in 2015 & 2016 ?


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