By Chileshe Mwango

University of Zambia historian Euston Chiputa has warned Zambia’s two major political parties, the Patriotic Front and UPND, against completely ruling out perceived small political parties in the august 12th elections.

While featuring on phoenix FM’s “let the people talk programme” on Tuesday, PF member Canisius Banda said this year’s elections are between the UPND and the PF while the rest of the participating political parties were just exercising their democratic right.

But Dr. Chiputa has reminded political party stakeholders that while the perceived smaller parties may not win the election, whatever votes they get from the election may reduce chances of the so-called major parties from winning the elections outright.

In an interview with phoenix news, Dr. Chiputa has cited French president Emmanuel Macron who only formed his party two years before that country’s elections and was totally ruled out but emerged victorious further stating that only the Zambian electorate will determine the outcome of the poll.



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