The turn of events at Namuso is getting worse. And Ngambela Mukela Manyando is planning to resign as Litunga and few Indunas have turned 360degrees to what they were planning.

They will be crisis at the Kuta and people will demand for the removal of all the people occupying the positions at Namuso. And Barotse activists with local concerned people are not happy with the happenings.

Just of Yesterday in Mongu they buried the pf cadre who died in kalabo district and the entire PF cadres forced all marketers to go for Burial and they were also moving with a book were they had recorded and wrote all the names of marketers.

They first checked those who attended the burial and after the burial they came back for those who did not attend the burial and business come to a stand still at kashumba and things become worse. As at now PF caders are happy that the BRE and Litunga have given them power to control the markets and stations in mongu. The police and council are hiding because they are scared of being fired.

And Indunas at the Kuta are reported to be in two groups with only few supporting PF, Induna Kalonga is the main supporter who is also trying so hard to block the already achieved development.


  1. So cadres have taken over maintenance of law and order? where were they trained and on what premises does the provincial minister grant this act? No, the story is fake unless otherwise


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