The latest scandal on the street are allegations involves Comedian Webster Chiluba popularly known as ‘Kasaka’ who was yesterday detained by the Ndola Magistrate’s court for failing to present an accused person who allegedly swindled six teachers after he promised them jobs and registration with the Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ)
Mr Chiluba signed as a surety for Mathews Silungwe, 28 a musician of Ndola.

In this matter Silungwe of Kabushi township in Ndola was charged with impersonation and six counts of theft after he allegedly swindled six teachers.

It was alleged that on September 25, last year in Ndola, with intent to defraud, Silungwe falsely represented himself as an inspector from the TCZ to Grace Sokoni.
He allegedlystole different amounts of money amounting to K6, 230 from Silvia Nalungwe, Daniel Phiri, Natasha Mwansa, Ketty Siwale and Herald Mwila.

It was alleged that Silungwe used different mobile numbers to call some teachers and threatened them that they were not registered and had not applied for their license with the council.

He also allegedly asked some teachers to pay him to facilitate recruitment in the teaching service.

When the matter came up before magistrate Veronica Sikwangala in Ndola yesterday the accused was not present before the court.

The prosecution stated that the accused was supposed to come for return of bench warrant issued for the accused as well as the sureties.

However, the arresting officer Sergeant Mercy Sianga who was present before court said the suspect was still on the run and that one of the other sureties had gone to Kasama to look for Silungwe.

Magistrate Sikwangala asked Mr Chiluba to show the court why he should not be cited for contempt.

In response Mr Chiluba said he was also still looking for Silungwe asking the court if he could be released as his arrest would bring a lot of problems, but Magistrate Sikwangala stopped him stating that he was not being asked to mitigate.

She asked him if he remembered what he had said when he signed bail for the accused and read to him what he had said which was “I want to sign bail for my friend as surety. I will make sure he attends court. If he runs, I will be ready to be apprehended or pay K5000,” she quoted him saying.

Magistrate Sikwangala said since Chiluba signed bail with another surety she would remand in custody so that the other one could be present for her to pass ruling.
She then adjourned the matter to April 26 for ruling.


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