Patriotic Front Party Cadres have threatened to burn down the American Embassy in Lusaka if United States of American President Donald Trump does not recall his Ambassador Daniel Foote.

Party Group Leader Maxwell Chongu says the United States of America Ambassador to Zambia is promoting gay rights and must immediately leave the country within 48 hours.

Meanwhile United States of America Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote has sent a signal to his Country that his life is in danger in Zambia.

Speaking at a Press briefing today, Ambassador Daniel Foote says his life was in Danger after top Patriotic Front Leaders threatened to kill him for exposing the Corruption and his comment on gayism.

Ambassador Foote said Zambia’s current government expects diplomats to be complaint whilst keeping open pockets.

“In my two years here in your wonderful country, I have tried to improve the US, Zambia partnership with minimal success. Let us stop the facade that our governments have enjoyed warm and cordial relations. The Current government of Zambia wants foreign diplomats to be compliant; with open pocket books and closed mouths,” said Ambassador Foote.

But Maxwell Chongu says his Party youths have decided to take action on the American Embassy because Ambassador Daniel Foote is putting Zambia at risk.

“We are giving the USA President Donald Trump 48 hours to recall his Ambassador Daniel Foote or we will burn down the Embassy. Zambia is a Christian Nation and we do not support gay rights” he stated.

SOURCE: Zambian Watch



  1. This is the worst display of ignorance by the Pathetic Fools cadres, you think the US is like Sean Tembo? You dogs don’t value the lives of Zambians, can you kill 1 American and get away with it? You idiots the US is not Intercity bus stop. Stupid idiots.


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