A PF Sesheke petition witness Beauty Lekwa-Nyambe has told High Court judge Gertrude Chawatama that the PF did distribute bicycles to Barotse Royal Establishment Indunas who were helping the ruling party in campaigns during the parliamentary by-elections. And a 25-year-old Sesheke PF cadre Mbumwai Muyongo has told judge Chawatama that some parts of his assault police statement were not accurately recorded.

Meanwhile, a ZNBC cameraman, Bisani Mwale, 42, of Plot A3 Libuyu Township in Livingstone, on Monday told justice Chawatama that he did not see any people throwing stones during one fracas he recorded. In her evidence-in-chief, Nyambe, who is PF’s Sesheke publicity and information secretary, when asked by defence lawyer Mulambo Haimbe in cross-examination if the UPND had at any time stopped the ruling party from holding meetings, responded in the negative.

“What were the PF bicycles for?” Haimbe asked as Nyambe responded: “We were giving Indunas who were helping us in campaigning.”
Nyambe named the BRE Indunas who received PF bicycles in Maondo ward as Induna Libonda Katongo, Induna Maliwa Kakwete and others in
Mulima and Talima wards.

“Even now you are interested in your candidate [Dean Masule] to win this petition?” Haimbe asked as Nyambe fumbled and said she did not want Masule to win the petition.
She quickly retracted her response and said that she wanted Masule to win. Nyambe agreed that a fracas on February 8 in Maondo only happened after the police had disbursed the UPND using teargas and firing shots. Muyongo, who was allegedly assaulted by unknown people on February 2 at the height of the parliamentary by-election in Sesheke’s Lusu village, surprised judge Chawatama when he said that he had not finished giving his evidence-in-chief even when a petitioner’s lawyer said he was though with him.
After being given a chance to continue, Muyongo said a lot of his friends, about a 100 of them, did not vote due to fear. However, under cross-examination by Haimbe for him to name his friends who did not vote, Muyongo said he could not because they were to many and that he could not produce them before court.

Asked if he knew that voting was a personal issue, he responded in the affirmative and added that he was never with his friends at all times during polling day.
“Since you reported the matter [assault] to the police, have you ever been called to the (police) station in respect to this attack?” Haimbe asked but Muyongo responded in the negative.

“The (police) statement was correctly recorded?” Haimbe asked and Muyongo responded: “Some things are correct, others are not.”

“Have you ever appeared before any court apart from this one (Livingstone High Court) to give evidence?” Haimbe further to which Muyongo responded in the negative.
Earlier, Muyongo said he was a foot soldiers during the by-elections.

He said he and his friend, Chayaba Chayaba, were assaulted by some people, some of whom he identified as Febian and Ndinani Mwakoyi.
He, however, said the people he mentioned by name in court were still free and roaming the streets of Lusu as they have not been arrested.

And Mwale told judge Chawatama that the injured man he had filmed [Mundia Simaata] was not injured at a rally addressed by President Edgar Lungu.
He, however, told court that it was very difficult to carry a ZNBC camera in the open as certain areas were no-go areas for the state broadcaster.

Mwale added that the ZNBC crew was told that filming other political parties’ rallies was at owners risk by the parties’ leaderships.
He said that he did not personally transfer the Sesheke row footage from the HD card to a flush that was presented before court.

By press time, the 12th witness, Mukelabai Nduna, aged 36 also of Lusu village, was giving his evidence-in chief.



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