By Mike Sichula

Patriotic front chairman for elections, Yamfwa Mukanga has downplayed the performance of the former ruling party, the mmd, saying the pf can only be compared to the achievements recorded during the UNIP regime.

Mr. Mukanga made this reference when he commented on the forthcoming Katuba parliamentary by-election which he predicts the ruling party will win based on the ongoing infrastructure development across the nation.

He told phoenix news that according to the party’s assessment of Katuba constituency, it has established that people in the constituency are looking for development, which he claims the opposition has struggled to take to the area.

And Mr. Mukanga has reiterated a call to all participating political parties to engage in violent free campaigns.

The electorate in Katuba go to the polls on July 30th 2019 to elect a new member of parliament to replace late upnd lawmaker, Patricia Mwashingwele.


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