By Koswe
The Patriotic Front Party has failed to file in nominations in Mshimpe ward of Malole constituency in Northern province.

This is because as usual the PF picked a candidate with no Grade 12 certificate and Koswe understands the PF candidate failed to even write his names.

While they were trying to cheat by obtaining education papers from education departments, time was fast ticking and time for filing elapsed thereby making only UPND and FDD as eligible political parties with a vision to contest the elections.

And in order to cover up their lies, PF quickly paraded their candidate as one who was in accident by taking pictures of a hilux vehicle which was involved in an accident two years ago and peddled lies that their candidate could not file because he was in an accident while he was trying to certify his education qualifications, which he does not have in truth.

This means only UPND and FDD are participating in the Malole by-election and as this was happening, the PF was trying to block other political parties from filing nominations.


  1. These idiots, it is now haunting them , for all evil things which was done, stealing hh votes. Nothing will come out clear including economy.


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