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*Jeff Mbewe*

A battalion of armed Police Officers deployed to Chawama last Sunday 08, September 2019 is yet again a bullet in the foot of PF.

Chawama – a residential suburb of the President is a few kilometers away from State House and, the current sitting Member of Parliament is PF…

In the previous General election, PF garnered 39,402 votes while the main rival UPND got 14, 278. The Constituency is one of the main strongholds of the PF in Lusaka Province.

It is expected that the MP there must take good care of the people – of course taking into consideration that, resources are ever scarce.

It is embarrassing that a nearby constituency whose MP is a minister has a main health facility that has no genset as a power backup when electricity is shedded.

Does it require the party President, Edgar Lungu to ensure that a hospital in Chawama has a genset?

It is solemnly the responsibility of an MP and the counselors in that Constituency to ensure that the few needs of the people – such as a genset etc are provided in institutions that serve the communities.

The mere fact that it took Hakainde Hichilema to make an effort – however political his stunt may have been – to make a donation is reason enough to believe that the MP and leadership in that area are sleeping. Therefore, they are not helping matters.

HH knew very well that the party machinery will not allow it, for him to make that donation. He knew very well that a battalion of armed police would be deployed, should he defy the Police permit. But his intention is to show how foolish his opponents are and in the process, to garner the support and sympathy he needs to fill the gaps in his puzzle to win the election in 2021.

For now HH has accepted that the voters who have voted in all the elections he lost, will most likely not vote for him even in 2021.

His target is to capture the new voters. He is doing so by appealing to their emotions, and often times than not, he does so by doing everything within his power to paint an impression that PF is corrupt and that it is brutal towards political opponents and citizens ( youths/students).

This impression has become an accepted reality, considering that whenever HH tries to act as if he is sympathetic of the people’s suffering and therefore, wants to help, the PF blocks him. HH was recently blocked in Chongwe when he visited the people who have no pump water. He was prevented from donating mealie meal to people in need. He is now prevented from donating a genset.

But the mere fact that he is trying to play politics by donations, is reason enough to show that those who preside over affairs in the areas he tries to donate are themselves failures.

However, the biggest achievement HH is making is being seen to be helping the needy, when their leaders seem to have no care and interest at all.

HH knows very well that never would he be allowed to do these things but he still goes ahead to make public pronouncements of wanting to do them. He is publicising his intentions because he wants the attention of his target voters. And foolishly, his opponents are playing right in his palms, his traps.

In response, what we see from HH’s rivals are long and boring statements that rebuke him for, apparently, “stealing” during privatisation which they themselves were part of. These hackneyed and outdated stories are not the solutions to slowing down HH.

Attending to people’s problems are solutions. The solutions need not come from Edgar Lungu but the very people he has entrusted with responsibilities to help him make Zambia a better place than it was yesterday.

But how many of them, do really care? Few. Most of those who have been appointed or even adopted into various positions are there for personal survival and sustainance.

They do things that are politically expedient to them, and not to Edgar Lungu and PF in whole. Subconsciously or otherwise, they sabotage President Lungu. If only most of them were like, Nickson Chilangwa – the arguably best MP and Minister in Edgar Lungu’s government – maybe, HH wouldn’t be setting traps which PF is walking right through, openly…

SOURCE: The Kwacha Times


  1. HH is not setting any trap. He has made so many donations that are not in public domain. He started making donations before he even went into politics. The issue of Genset was done secretly but became public after he was stopped. The water Kamanga Compound people drink was done by HH.


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