Zambia has once again witnessed the rising buy out of opposition members especially the councillors from UPND. The big question to a normal human being must be, why would a ruling government spend so much buying the opposition?

With so much debt, why would a responsible government go on inducing by elections? PF spent K19 million in just two days(Lusaka Mayor) just to win an election by paying voters, transporting them etc. How much support has HH and UPND got in this country, can that just be bought off by PF?

The big question is; Did PF buy people to win 2011 elections? If not why now? Is what they have done not enough to show for that they would be voted for? Yes the UPND has traitors but they have learnt a lot from all this and truth be told, UPND will emerge stronger than ever and what will PF have gained?

PF is an irresponsible government that is not interested in uplifting the living standards of Zambians. Zambians are not too foolish as Edgar Lungu and his surrogates think. The nation is watching while time is ticking.

NOTE: In Lusaka 708,128 voters did not cast their votes in the mayor election while only 116,177 turned to vote. Even PF failed to buy them? What is the meaning of this silent vote?

PF will not finish UPND just as the diggers editor opinion stated. UPND will pull through these political turbulences. Rupiah did the same but it never worked for him.

Like we say Time will tell.


  1. If we Zambians are not careful, our country will slide back to being a one party state again. Seems the PF are desperate to stay in power forever as they fear the repurcussion of another party being the ruling government.


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