By Mwaba Mutale
Young&Emerging Farmer

So here is a simple graduate like me, leaves his job, gathers all his resources and relocates into a bush. I struggle to raise money for chemicals, to raise money fertilizers and with my little resources i grow some tomatoes and keep a few chickens..

Same scenario a China man comes with a lot of money and equipment, he buys land in the towns because he is loaded, buys chemicals and feeds his chickens. With ease.

Now you wonder, how would a government in its right mind give work permits to a person from China to come and destroy the efforts of its own people. Instead of encouraging me and giving me incentives so that i can employ fellow youths and motivate others to come i to farming, they make it harder by allowing China men to sell chickens at cheap prices and boxes of tomatoes at cheap prices. Honestly doea Boma care for its own people? Who would allow a chinese to come grow tomatoes killing the local industry? Why even issue the permit? And if you say they lie when getting permits, we all know chinese farms and so far none has been raided to protect its own people..

Seems we are being let down by our own rulers, betrayed by those we trusted and voted in to protect us. Governments needs to get serious and protect the local farmers. This is a serious betrayal of trust. Before you know it all the Zambian farmers will have been whipped out and chinese controlling the food industry. This has got to be addressed now and seriously before we kill the local farmer…

Please lets spread the word and protect the local industry…SPEAK UP AND PROTECT THE LOCAL FARMER….


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