By Yona Musukwa

The current PF leadership should be ashamed of themselves. How bad hearted can they be to refuse or ignore to assist former President Guy Scott?

I thought Guy Scott’s cancer treatment was being paid for by Government, only to learn from comrade Venny that no help has been rendered.

Some people have no shame! Insoni ebuntu! When Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya was busy enjoying himself, kunyopola mu MMD, President Sata and Guy Scott were busy building PF, spending sleepless nights being bitten by mosquitoes, transversing all corners of this country to defeat the MMD.

All this lavish lifestyles they are enjoying today is the work, tears, sweat and blood of President Sata and President Guy Scott.

But these people are so busy living in opulence they have even forgotten where they are coming from, they can’t even take care of Guy Scott’s chemotherapy bills or make his life comfortable, befitting that of a former republican President and Veep. Guy Scott served this country with dignity, unlike them who are always being mentioned in a lot of corruption scandals.

Mwefilwani Mwe! Mulekwatako insoni noluse!




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