In their usual way of diverting attention from real issues affecting the ordinary citizens, Patriotic Front ( PF) has scored another psychological goal by throwing the Witchcraft studies issue on the way of easily tricked Zambian mind.

University of Zambia ( UNZA) has distanced itself from the story circulating on social medias that the highest learning institution is in the process of introducing Witchcraft studies.

PF studied Zambians very well and they know that, they forget so easily on issues that matters most but still remembers the 16 minutes Iris Kaingu Xbox movie.

Those thieves through their propagandists brought the issue of witchcraft deliberately to divert the attention of meaningful citizens in order for them to continue plundering and misappropriating public funds while Zambians are discussing ubuloshi.

The issue of corruption stinking 42 fire engines worthy daily write up to remind those thieves that every second counts and we will hold them responsible when that time comes.

The current financial revelation that PF blundered deserves our attention regardless of where we are coming from, stability and what we do, the bigger picture is Zambia.

We must think and act like a nation which is surrounded by plunders, thieves, misappropriators and corrupt mob masquerading as leaders.

The Fixing Team.


  1. They haven’t beaten me physiologically ,the issue of plundering is still on the table .fire tenders, ambulances, lusaka ,Ndola road construction and FIC altogether,2021, we have something to campaign on.


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