Mutale Nalumango

LUSAKA – 01/08/20

“The number of by-elections that we have witnessed as a country during the 9-year rule of the Patriotic Front is equal to the total number of elections held between 1964 and 2011,” says UNITED PARTY FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT National Chairman, Mutale Nalumango.

Speaking on Revelation TV’s “Delight Morning Live” today, Nalumango says the PF’s insatiable appetite for by-elections stems from its inferior complex and fear for the unknown while trying to comfort itself with some cosmetic popularity.

Mrs Nalumango says the PF in its desperate attempts to cling onto power has subjected the country to high poverty levels which have unfortunately not spared the mostly young civic leaders who have gone for months without pay.

Asked on the UPND’s performance in the just ended 15 local Government by elections,the Party Chairman said the PF used corruption and deception to lure voters into voting for them and desperately hold onto power.

She said the material hand outs that exchanged hands during the campaigns as well as the persistent political violence should be discouraged as it leads to high voter apathy which is a danger to the country’s 29 year old democracy.

She has since called on the Patriotic Front,ECZ and the police to make the political playing field level for all political parties as the country heads towards the 2021 General elections.

On assertions that the UPND planned to dethrone some traditional leaders once in Government, Mrs Nalumango who laughed at the aspersions said such rhetoric was not part of the Party’s Manifesto.

She described such assertions as the work of enemies of democracy bent on interfering in the roles of traditional leadership in the country.




  1. In addition PF has not paid any retirees pensions since they came to power. Those that have not been paid their terminal benefits and their close relatives and friends will surely not vote PF.

  2. Madam just to add on quite ok Hospitals are there but to my surprise even Panadol you have to be given a prescription. For Health personnel to prescribe medicines to the patients they first tell you to buy a book, without a book you can not be attended to and from the same book they tear a paper for them to write medicine. Meanwhile when there’s bye elections you will see money being dished out.

  3. It is not good that we have to wait for 2021 to remove PF from power. They are harmful and all the evidence is there. It is like catching a wife committing adultery and then you say that I will divorce her at our next wedding anniversary.


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