THE PF has established itself as a party of choice for thieves, says Socialist Party’s Clinton Zaza.

And Zaza, a former Southern Province SP coordinator, says it is sad that the police could send a platoon of officers to harass a political leader while a lot of Zambians are being terrorised by criminals as a result of not being policed.

In an interview, Zaza who is now based in Venezuela, says the police need to stop selective application of the law.

“Taxpayers’ money has been wasted raiding Dr Fred M’membe’s house in Chinsali. They are wasting money on political enemies instead of criminals. If the police is interested in arresting thieves, they should not go to Chinsali but look into the Patriotic Front. The PF has established itself as a party of choice for thieves. It has made itself a lucrative party for thieves. It’s home of political thieves,” Zaza said.

He added that there was high-level corruption and theft being done by the PF and yet the police have the luxury of going for an innocent citizen, Dr M’membe.

Zaza said there was need to prosecute PF cadres, State House aides, ministers and all those that have a corruption tag.

“If this is done, Zambians’ confidence in the police will be restored…. The current situation of using the police to fight political battles needs to come to an end. We have seen the PF going for UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema, NDC’s Chishimba Kambwili and now Dr M’membe,” he said.

Zaza advised that selective application of the law was bad for Zambia’s reputation.

“We have a lot of people who are criminals and thieves walking the streets free. We also have gangs terrorising Zambians in compounds and townships because these are unpoliced,” he said.

“We also saw the PF ministers falling over each other to discredit the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) report instead of using it to check the rotten elements in the PF. They should have embraced the report and given it to the ACC and other agencies to verify its implications,” said Zaza.


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