Dear editor,

According to Prime TV News cast for 15th February, 2019. Prime TV reported a story where PF had reported Prime TV station to the IBA to have the IBA’s indulgence as PF thought the mentioned TV broadcasting station has a bias to UPND and aired sensational reports were wrong term (Assassination) was used in the resent Sesheke by-election.

The IBA in turn has since ordered Prime TV to provide the news script that is suspected to have had such a report and the news analysis for the past days for further investigation and analysis before a ruling/conclusion can be reached at. Here is my thought and honest submission on this.

It’s important to remind everyone that it’s not long ago PF secretary General Davis Mwila officially suspended Prime TV journalists from PF press briefing and tendered an order that Prime TV should not be covering PF events. Another event happened in Sesheke during the by-election where a Prime TV journalist was harassed/assaulted and had his Laptop stolen. Not long ago at the Court in Lusaka while Hon. Chitotela was suppose to take plea in the charges slapped on him by the ACC a Journalist was harassed and none of the PF went to rescue him.

Now with all this references to highlight PF’s regard for Journalist how then does PF expect to be covered by media houses? The same IBA has been watching these occurrences without a word or maybe they only act when someone reports? Is that the culture? Crime/offences can’t be dealt with unless they are reported? The case for a Breeze FM journalist is another one and PF is quiet about it! PF must stop being cry babies and face situations as a sensible party. My Submission!!

Sandy Man


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