By David Zulu

True to late Reggae icon and legend Bob Nester Marley’s famous song ‘We gonna chase those bald heads out of town’, angry Nakonde PF youths this morning chased their parliamentary representative after accusing him of ‘eating alone’ and neglecting them after voting him into office.

The youths hurled invectives and all kind of expletives at the law maker as they surrounded him while threatening to give him a thorough beating.

They then demanded that he leaves town immediately and that he should never return to the constituency or else they would ‘discipline’ him.

The MP who attempted to reason with the angry youths, after sensing danger jumped into his brand new Landcruiser SUV and drove away as the incensed youths ran after the vehicle.

PF has been rocked by internal wrangling which has characteristics of an implosion after a shock defeat at the hands of a combined NDC and UPND in Roan Constituency parliamentary by election that saw NDC candidate win the seat.

Below is the video:


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