By Watch Reporter

Wheelbarrow pushers in Lusaka will be required to pay tax for the modified wheelbarrows.

This is according to a public notice by the Lusaka City Council dated 22 July 2020 and signed by Town Clerk Alex Mwansa.



  1. I think it is bcos they have realized that they have lost everything. And so they don’t care about keeping up their name anymore. They would rather use the remaining time to amass more from the public, punish us in advance of our voting them out, for they will have no chance to revenge after exiting.

  2. The obsession that PF has for collecting moneys from the public is actually sickening. I can not imagine that these youth who government has failed to provide decent jobs are now forced to pay tax. In other countries in the region citizens are paid good money for undertaking projects like drilling a borehole but in Zambia it is the opposite. It is wrong to wait for 2021 to drive PF out of power. The sooner they go the better.

  3. Koma this is proper dununa reverse! Elections have consequences! I blame the citizens, to an extent, for these perverse outcomes. You reap (suffering) what you sow (pa bwato vote).

    The question, though is, can the citizenry learn from their blunder?

    Forget about Lungu and his team; they have reaped more than they need. What about you and your future. When will you get the clear message from pf: it is about the mafia, and not about you?

  4. Sickening to see the poor people suffering but still wearing PF attire with their lungu image..How crazy the illiterate people can be. They cannot see that their poverty is due to the guy whose image is on their attire they are wearing!!

  5. And they can still talk about youth empowerment foot! Wheel barrows are nearly 100% owned and pushed by the youth. This means that they are out to punish the youth who opted to use wheelbarrows to help move the economy forward by helping those vulnerable and unable to lift loads from suppliers. This Tax is retrogressive and uncalled for. I guess that the gang at the PF are out to recoup the K30m dished out to musicians a few weeks ago by their Lungu by imposing this tax on wheelbarrow owners and pushers! Insanity at its worst for our youth!


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