By Maiko
21st Aug, 2019

In what seemed as a joking song of *Donchi Kubeba and Dununa Reverse* the reality is now unfolding to Zambians. From word go, PF indicated that it will not tell us the truth, it will reverse the progress of the nation but we were thick headed to hear the message from Dandy Crazy and JK.

President Lungu openly said he had no vision for the nation but was forced to be President. I don’t blame him for the state of this nation now but I blame stupid and useless elderly Zambians who voted for him not using their brains but using songs. Now we are here stuck in this damaged economy, hardships, theft and corruption, national division through PF tribal talks and hatred. Everything is expensive in Zambia now. Prices of mealie meal, daily commodities, transport, bills are all high and not even a single day have we heard a comforting statement from PF govt.

*The revelation by Dandy Krazy that mwa Lungu kulya nokushana, if your father was poor you will day poor too and that’s why Zambians are poor and dull etc* ,should not be ignored. Truly those attached to PF are rich and don’t feel the pinch of this economy. All the PF electorates can point at as personal gain is a PF symbol, regalia otherwise reality is with us.

If you’re in lusaka, the roads you see are not there anywhere. Move out of lusaka then you will see the reality. OK kanyama, kuku, mtendere, kalingalinga, chawama, matero have tarred roads so what? The same places have no water, no drainages, no security which directly affect citizens. *Foolishness is to accept being blackmailed by a tarmac because your shoes can’t get dirty but you have no food, no water, no money at home. You can’t do business anymore


In Zambia now, prisons are for the poor, injustice for the poor, yet the corruptly filthy rich guys are free in streets and acquitted with no shame. Our judiciary is corrupt and compromised, our investigative wings have no shame and you still think we are OK.

One would wonder, *Has PF finally accepted that things are bad and this can be their last time in office hence resort to mercilessly still because they don’t care anymore, has PF just decided to abandon Zambians?*
Being useless is thinking of voting for PF again in 2021



  1. As Zambians, we see that we are in a precarious situation with PF leadership, but what should be known is that we have Moses among us who is supposed to take us to the promised land from the fangs of Pharaoh, right now Pharaoh’s heart has been hardened in order to allow God to make him succumb with a heavy hand, as pharaoh and his chariots chase after the liberation of the Zambians, God will open the red sea and allow the Zambians to pass, but to Pharaoh and his chariots, he will bring down the water of the red sea upon them to destroy them, all the spoils that they have so far taken as their own will be shared among the Zambians, we serve a great God.


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