PF Judges at CONCOURT are just busy throwing out everything, just now LAZ application to join as friend of court thrown out; UPND and PF given 6 hours each to argue their side; PF are arguing that time is not enough and they want the case thrown out.

In another development Brazilian Parliament has voted 61 – 20 to remove President Rousseff from her position as Head of State of the Central American Nation.

She was found guilty of grossly abusing State resources outside the budgetary laws and may now face criminal proceedings that may land her in prison.

In Africa, a sitting Head of State is usually considered as the ‘chosen one’ of God and will use public resources with impunity and still get away with it.

In Zambia President Edgar Lungu allowed his Ministers remain in Cabinet positions even after the life of the Zambian Parliament, until the Constitutional court ruled against him.

It remains to be seen whether Zambia will lead the way in Africa by charting new waters, in raising criminal complaints against the President and his illegal Ministers sometime in the future.


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