The Ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has with immediate effect lifted suspensions on all members that were in good standing with the Party as at 28th February, 2021.

In a statement today, PF National Chairperson Samuel Mukupa said the affected members must now be deemed as eligible delegates and be allowed to participate in the National Council and General Conference, respectively.

“Considering that Party unity is essential as we head into the 2021 General Elections, and in the interests of broad participation by all members in Party affairs, I hereby declare a moratorium on all disciplinary cases that have arisen from 28th February 2021 todate. In this regard, I direct that all members who were in good standing with the Party as at 28th February, 2021 be deemed as eligible delegates and; be allowed to participate in the National Council and General Conference, respectively,” he said.

Mr. Mukupa said the Party did not believe that the spirit of exclusion premised on internal wrangles must be encouraged as PF prepared to propel the Party to victory in the 2021 General Elections.

“Based on the foregoing, I wish to take this opportunity to thank the various Party organs under the able leadership of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for the continued growth of the Party as we continue to achieve more milestones,” the PF National Chairperson said.

Meanwhile, the PF National Chairperson said the PF Central Committee resolved to conduct the National Council Meeting and General Conference, in a manner that is sensitive to the COVID 19 pandemic.

“We have consulted the experts in the Ministry of Health who have accordingly permitted the Party to proceed with Satellite gatherings of not more than 100 persons per center,” Mr. Mukupa said.

He announced that the two meetings would be held in a virtual format with delegates participating in the National Council and General Conference, respectively through the use of modern technology in groups of 50 persons in the 20 centers throughout Zambia’s 10 provinces.

“As the Patriotic Front we have put in place systems that will ensure full participation of members in these very important meetings in line with the provisions of Article 14 of our Party Constitution,” Mr. Mukupa said.

The PF National Chairperson stated that provisions of Article 64 and Regulation 88 of the Party Constitution had since necessitated the appointment of an Independent Electoral Commission consisting of various professionals and experts tasked with the responsibility of superintending over the whole process.

He added that the move would ensure that there were high levels of transparency and fairness in the conduct of Party elections and other related business.

“As a consequence, the Independent Electoral Commission shall have the sole responsibility of accrediting delegates to the National Council and General Conference and; superintending over the Party electoral process. The Secretariat and other Party functionaries shall have the responsibility of registering delegates at the respective Party offices in the Districts hosting Satellite Centers and ensuring that all the logistics for the delegates are in place in readiness for the National Council and General Conference,” Mr. Mukupa said.

He urged members to work cordially with the independent Team of Election Officers and respect their mandate as they executed the noble assignment.

“The Party will also ensure the mandate of the Independent Electoral Commission is executed in a democratic manner free from threats of violence, dictatorial tendencies and, or practices,” Mr. Mukupa said.


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