Dear Editor,


I am a civil servant in Limulunga and for this purpose, I will not give my real identity. Because of the nature of my job, I travel widely in Western Province and therefore have a general view of people’s thoughts there. You will remember that most by elections that took place in Western Province yesterday were as a result of a PF investment in buying off Councillors.

The party cleverly understands the feelings of resentment by the people, of their local and parliamentary representatives especially towards the end of the life of parliament. These elected officials have a tendency to sit back as they are unsure whether they will be readopted for the next election which in this case is 2021.

This phenomenon is everywhere and not only in UPND strongholds, but the PF seizes this disconnect between the elected representatives and the communities, to entice the unsure and disenchanted Councillors with huge sums of money as ‘retirement’ benefits, offers they easily accept knowing they may go with nothing if they don’t get adopted by the party.

You will recall that President Lungu was in Western Province recently followed by the entire government and PF party machinery shortly afterwards, distributing food aid and hard cash. The issue here is hunger which communities blame their local representatives for not coming to their aid for

The PF wins are a vote of no confidence in local representatives because a lot of people are saying they are just waiting for 2021 to vote for a Hakainde Hichilema and not lazy Councillors. In 2021 you may have a situation where HH wins Western Province but UPND loses local government seats. The UPND as a party must pull up their socks in Western Province. There’s a problem with their Secretariat.



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