Hundreds of Chilubi residents have gathered at Presidents Park in Chilubi to listern to the messege of development that the Patriotic Front has for the area.

Addressing the gathering are Deputy Secretary General for the Patriotic Front, Hon. Mrs Mumbi Phiri, Government Chief Whip Hon. Brian Mundubile, Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Mwimba Malama, Northern Province Minister Hon. Chungu Bwalya, Deputy National Mobilisation Chairperson Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Hon. Anthony Kasandwe, Hon. Anthony Malama and other Party Functionaries.

The Campaign Managers Hon. Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and Hon. Brian Mundubile will also be introducing the Party Candidate for the forth coming Chilubi Parliamentary by elections slated for February 13.

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  1. Mamoth rally by PF in Chilubi Island..!! Of course they came to see the faces of those who steal their money, thats the curiosity they have.
    They came to see for themselves how their bodies are BONES ONLY compared to the HEAVY BELLYIED bodies of the PF thieves who enrich themselves out of stealing meant for development in chilubi.
    Of course the PF thieves are in chilubi to tell the people of chilubi, VOTE FOR US SO WE KEEP STEALING YOUR MONEY.
    Let whoever is a FOOL, an IDIOT in chilubi vote for PF. Only a fool, an IDIOT can say to PF thieves, THANK YOU FOR MAKING US SUFFER, HERE IS ANOTHER VOTE SO THAT YOU CONTINUE MAKING US SUFFER


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