….as PF MCC Kebby Mbewe clocks day 4 in his lone walk protest against UPND sponsored propaganda and tribalism

MONZE- – – -Thursday, December 12th 2019

Smart Eagles

His Royal Highness Chief Chona of Monze District in Southern Province has said that politicians sponsoring falsehoods should stop it forthwith as they are dividing the Country.

Speaking when the Ruling Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee Kebby Mbewe paid a courtesy call on him on his way to Livingstone on a lone protest against propaganda and tribalism , Chief Chona called on Unity in the country and not baseless smear campaigns that he witnessed through sponsored media houses.

He expressed disappointment that a politician would go on rampage spreading lies against their own country as a means to woo support from the electorates .

He said such tendencies should be stoped forthwith as they have huge potential to dent the country’s image and divide people .

He is explained that traditional leaders will always be there to provide guidance to leaders where need be , stressing that there was no need to spread falsehoods for political expediency.

Meanwhile Mr. Mbewe explained that the Patriotic Front shall always seek counsel from Traditional Leaders in the country .

He insisted that traditional leaders and the church have a huge role in curbing negative propaganda and tribalism .



  1. The character of the lone walker, Mr. Kebby Mbewe is the funniest comedy of a person I have ever known in the history of the world. He had a talk today with my chief, chief Chona. My chief must be advised to use his time to fight for his people who spend nights on corridors of the agro-shops instead of entertaining a lone water whose objective is known only to him and his sponsors. Now I believe that there are people who have nothing to do. Why tour Southern Province? Is southern province the same thing as UPND? Why did he not take lone walk to other provinces or direct to the UPND secretariat. Tribalism in Zambia is not perpetuated by people from Southern Province. Mr. Mbewe is a Choma man in Southern Province. He runs some businesses here. Has he experienced any tribalism here. He has come here because he is safe. This province houses all tribes of Zambia and Mr. Mbewe’s tribe is one of them.
    The best this lone walker can do is to go round to see how people sleep in the corridors of agro-shops waiting to get bags of seeds and fertilizer and then give a comprehensive report to his sponsors. Just see who is filming him. His own supporters.


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