Panji Kaunda

PF MEMBERS SHOULD JOIN FORCES WITH ZAMBIANS TO REMOVE LUNGU FROM OFFICE…this is no longer the pro-poor PF Sata envisioned, says Panji
By Patson Chilemba
Colonel Panji Kaunda says the fact that a minister in a “pro-poor” party is demeaning K2 million as nothing means the PF has lost it, and their members must mobilise with Zambians to remove President Edgar Lungu from office.

Speaking with Daily Revelation on Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo’s comment that K2 million was nothing that he should report President Edgar Lungu’s daughter, Tasila, to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for, Col Panji wondered why President Lungu and the party leaders were quiet in a “pro-poor” party, despite Lusambo’s hurtful comments against the majority suffering Zambians.
Col Panji said the PF’s version of President Lungu was not the original one, the late founding leader Michael Sata envisioned and got elected into office. He said this was a combination of the PF and the former ruling party MMD, which was voted out of office for not aligning with the interests of Zambians, saying that was the reason why a former diehard MMD member was demeaning the suffering majority with his comments.

“I am not surprised that our President is not following the PF manifesto. It’s now more of MMD, and he is able to tolerate an MMD member saying that. He has failed the party for aligning with the MMD faction of the party,” Col Panji said. “I still believe in the original PF which we got into power, not this PF. That’s why they should forgive some of us for de-campaigning this party.”
Citing the example of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, whose own party members uprising got it out of power, in process opening up the platform for the conservatives to take over the reigns, Col Panji said likewise, PF members must join forces with Zambians to clear the mess created by President Lungu.

“It’s in our own interest that a new group of people come into power to clean up the mess. We are not supporting this government because it’s not our party anymore,” he said.

On Lusambo’s assertion that he and his brothers lost the opportunity to put their lives in order during the 27-years their father Dr Kenneth Kaunda was in office, and that they should therefore not feel jealousy for Tasila, Col Panji said their father taught them that being president was not equivalent to being a king, saying he taught them to be self-sufficient.

“We went to ordinary schools in Kasisi for Primary and Canicius College in Southern Province for secondary. Myself and my late brother joined the Front Line and served in the Front Line for the liberation of countries in Southern Africa,” Col Panji said. “There was no time, even if we are called idiots when we abused the office of our father. We are proud of what we have achieved.”

Col Panji said all he was asking for was for institutions he had reported the matter to over Tasila’s over-and-above spending, to provide the answers on where she got the money to buy a 600-hectare farm at K2 million cash, plus her spending on fencing the farm and the over 3000 hectare Forest 70 in Sinda, Eastern Province.

“All I have done is to do my job as a civic citizen. So all I am waiting for is for an answer and the whole question will be put to rest. Being rich is not in money form but how you live,” said Col Panji. “Also my only advice and warning to those in government is just look across the border in Malawi and see what the former leaders are going through. Everyday there are arrests of those who served. -Daily Revelation



  1. “It’s in our own interest that a new group of people come into power to clean up the mess. We are not supporting this government because it’s not our party anymore,” he said.

    He is, I mean Panji, a high level example of reasonable members of the dead PF. I mean even if your brain doesn’t work much, your skin should at least be alive to the sufferings the body is going through. PF members cannot afford to be pretending that their party is doing fine to them, let alone to the country. Just because one day when your ego got drunk and got you lost, you endede up saying “Someone Will Never Rule” does not mean that you should be pretending that things are okay with you and with PF even when your party keeps punching and pinching your livelihood daily. You are feeling the pain, you are only human, you are just like me and the rest. Come out and face reality. Things are changing. You can’t let your world close up in the name of supporting a political party that has become a shelf of its former self. And while you cling to it, the PF itself is busy campaigning for another party to take over govt. No serious ruling party wanting to continue ruling would misconduct itself the way PF is misconducting itself. They are busy making everyone poor including you PF members, they steal your wealth like the example of Tasila, they close your childrens future but you still want to be with them! Are you fools? No you shouldn’t be. Confess PF members…, your party is dead and that someone you said will never rule is about to rule! Accept reality, listen to the words of PANJI KAUNDA and ditch your party, join forces with everyone to usher in a fresh govt in Zambia.

  2. Purely Panji has hit the nail on the head. PF is no longer a party that a common man can support. PF.leadership is the worst than ever. Lungu fears them and he is being lead to do and say what his subodinates will tell him to do.

  3. If it was HH who demeaned the first president KK and family, the whole world would have known through Sunday Chanda that here in Zambia HH has committed treasonable charge.

  4. Sir….?(panji kaunda) we are all disappointed in the manner in which Bowman behaved,sir….? I would really like to apologise on his behalf looking at the fact that his not the kind that would apologise and the reason as to why I am saying so is in reference with what he did to major kachingwe.sir please bare with this man for the following reasons-

    1.sir this man is uneducated
    2.sir this man is dull
    3.sir this man doesn’t understand the Constitution
    4.sir this man is a bully
    5.sir the chap is still a cadre
    6.sir this man is childish
    7.sir this man is one of the reasons MMD died so it’s just a matter of time before PF drowns
    8.sir this man has no vision like someone
    9.sir this man has no respect for elders
    10.sir this man is a bootlicker
    11.sir this man doesn’t understand his position in government and has no quality of a minister
    12.sir this man feels he has no boundaries in government
    13.sir this man has no respect for the police and the law

    These are the few things that describe Bowman,the list is endless.
    Bowman has from time and again abused the law without knowing that what he is doing is wrong which has earned him a bad name and made him a bad example of how a public servant in a democratic country must behave.Bowman like other irresponsible governors have ordered the police around to step on citizens in the passed eight years(8 years) and this includes the tenure of the MMD of rupiah and the pf of president present day Zambia,we have a combination of thieve and savages for governors.the police have and are being used to abused peoples human rights by our own elected leaders,the police are being used to silence those that want to express the frodom of speech and association through unlawful arrests.
    Having grown up in a military kind of set up.never in my life did I ever hear a civilian order a man or woman in uniform.this task is only left to the commanding authority aswel as the president not his cabinet. it was a taboo in those days……!!!! Now in present day zambia it’s possible for as long as you carry a certain name or occupy a certain office.what people don’t realize is that there is life beyond politics and not just that,life is a journey.people should think about the children they have that carry dented names.this power you are abusing will one day turn against you.believe me you all the people that surround you today and praise you for your wrongs will be no where to be seen and don’t think that you will poses that authority forever.bussiness associates ditch you for greener pastures (new government) hense you remain along.ask GBM………ba lusambo everyone knows how much you were worth before you became minister and these are very educated and learned people who are able to tell how much you’ve earned from being a minister in the last four just takes simple maths and you are caught so don’t think if you are dull then everyone is.DR chitalu chilufya is a learned and smart person but failed to hide his property.Hmmmm…….?people are watching you aswel as your were in MMD ba Bowman and bet you were old enough to see what happened to the late president chiluba.his own party (MMD) turned against him and used the same Constitution that bared his signature against him in the courts of……i bet this sounds new to you right? Wait boi your time will come and then you will’ll remember that money you dish out at malls.
    Apologise to the first family ba bowman.those people have saved this country alot.

  5. Bowman Lusambo thinks he is very clever and we’ll protected because he is a kind of man who is academically disadvantaged and mentally less exposed to understand the mood in the country, he thinks that by having access to ilegally acquired wealth he has become extremely clever and untouchable for ever. He is not the kind of man who is capable of analysing issues because he is not only dull but arrogant and ignorant as well, listening to his provocative language in reaction to the youth of this country who expressed their dissatisfaction in the manner this country has failed to address issues affecting them and their future in this country, the Zambian citizens in the diaspora and the disrespectful manner he addtessed the first family of our first Republican president one wonders whether the man is deliberately set to destroy the party that has allowed him to ilegally have access to public resources without facing the law because by his shallow way of reasoning he has a shield of his self proclamation of being of being number one boot licker. The man is busy picking quarrells with everyone making enemies with everyone and generally making a fool of himself and yet nobody is seems to have the courage to tell him remain quiet most of the of the time because most of his careless talk is not adding value if not accelerating the demage to the sinking reputation of his troubled party the PF.


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