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History is wrought with insecure Zambian governments attempting to link their perceived political enemies to all kinds of imaginary plots that at the end of it all, came to nought other than tilting the nation to the brink of a catastrophe and wasted resources.

The Black Mamba plot under late President Fredrick Chiluba was borne out of a paranoid and hateful view of President Kenneth Kaunda and MMD’s fear of the return of KK to power. It took Mwalimu Julius Nyerere to secure KK’s release from Mukobeko Maximum Prison and nothing was found implicating the old man.

Then came the obnoxious ‘Tonga under oath’ hatched by a former Defence Minister under late President Michael Sata. Luckily the late President saw the false evil plan and immediately cancelled it and rebuked the government authors who wanted to implicate HH. Then came the infamous traffic offence turned treason trial of President Hakainde Hichilema. We all know what he went through and what was the outcome. And now the gassing!

When are we as a nation ever going to be serious with running our own affairs? Always going in circles like a puppy chasing after its own little tail. Why are we being weaponised as a nation that must hate itself, that must hate its existence, its heartbeat and its cultural diversity? We must say no to this nonsense!

Our neighbors and the whole world are preoccupied with figuring out on how to fight Corona Virus, we are figuring out on how to fight each other. What kind of curse is this? This must stop!

The PF better not dare arrest HH, it’s not a wise nor intelligent move and it will backfire very badly because Zambians will not accept.

Samuel Ngwira
NationalYouth Publicist Chairman



  1. I am convinced that PF is hellbent on stopping HH and UPND from contesting the 2021 elections hence their stupid idea of linking HH to the gasing of people in some parts of the country. The nation should not discount the possibility of some rogue elements in the PF government hatching a black mamba style scheme in order to wire HH and other senior officials. My advise to the PF government is that evil deeds have a funny way of getting back to the originator. And besides the boomerang effect of evil schemes, innocent lives bare the brunt of such evil. Remember that police officer who died at Lusaka (Kenneth Kaunda) International Airport when the bomb he was planting blew up during FTJ Chiluba’s evil black mamba scheme. That kapokola died because he foolishly agreed to be an accomplice in Chiluba’s evil scheme against Kaunda and UNIP but his innocent family suffered when they lost him. I guess none of the MMD demons who caused that policeman’s death have ever bothered to know the effect of that on his family. To cut a long story short the court acquitted all those accused of the black mamba fiasco with an accusing finger pointing back to Chiluba’s MMD government. Chiluba did that because of his pathological hatred for Kaunda coupled with his fear of losing the 1996 election to a resurgent KK and consequently being made to account for his corruption. Let us hope some elements in PF are not behind the gasing for the reason of getting at HH. Senior PF party and government officials hate HH because he a big threat to their continuation of plundering this nation. Remember their president at one time told them that when employed on a farm steal all the produce and leave just a few seeds for owner. In my view he was encouraging his surbodinates to steal all that they could from the national coffers. Their fear of losing the 2021 and the prospect of accounting for their unbridled corruption can make the pfoos do anything in order to cling to power. All well-meaning Zambians TAKE HEED AND WATCH OUT.


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