Peter Sinkamba 

Numbers don’t lie. Look at this.

Fact: Over the last 20 years, Zambia has greatly depended on South African imports. However, in the last 10 years, this narrative is changing.

In 2020, the South Africa exports to Zambia hit as low as US$1.72 billion, from almost US$2.75 billion in 2014, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade.

This is the lowest value of imports from South Africa in the last 10 years, as is shown in this historical data chart and statistics below, last updated this July of 2021.217786264_1495118847492462_8611463889704854878_n

All this has been achieved due to import substitution strategy whereby there is increased local manufacture of domestic consumables in Zambia through local companies like Trade Kings and others.

Empirical data is showing that the country is on course.

Economic growth should be the thrust in the next phase into 2026. In particular, there is need to eradicate the effects that wiped GDP gains from US 28 billion in 2014 to slightly below US19 billion in 2017.

– By Peter Sinkamba


  1. The good thing is we are all not as dull as sinkanba, go back review the chat and compare it from the time the marriage between pf and Chinese loans intensified then you ll realise that its actually not reducing imports but not having money to import from SA. see that from 2011 when they took over government the import were high cause of the reserves they found under boz, after 2014 the euro bonds were acquired,. Poor financial was seen when they funded zambia railways, which has a link from Dar to Durban with enough capacity to transport large quantities of goods, and based on rail construction history the rail carried it’s own construction material, but under pf we saw ministers trucks transporting rail track steel, which due to its length protruding at the back of truck trailers killed quite a number of motorists. So this bullshit can only be seen this way with red marijuana eyes and not by a sober white clear seeing eyes of the poeple asking for a change of government. We know you are looking for a permit to deal in this illicit drug.

  2. He will need to account for where and how he got money to pay off some former ministers debts; those that stayed in office illegally. His fear of a PF los is understood

  3. This is what Hichilema and his cronies don’t want to hear! They are so confused that in their dreams their dull Hichilema has ruled in some imaginable country where he made the country the richest in the world! But this is a chap who’s even failing to run his farm profitably! They are so blind that they preten not to see that if Hichilema didn’t steal privitization funds, he wouldn’t have had that the bloody money he has stashed in Mauritius! We don’t need a known crook in State house!

  4. Sinkamba smoking the green stuff again. The only reason imports from SA have reduced is because the PF has killed the economy by reducing the value of the kwacha from K0.6 to R1 which they found barely 2 years ago now K1.7 to R1. So obviously the purchasing power of the people has dropped so much that they are unable to afford south african goods.


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