by: Zambian Watchdog

……As PF orders AVIC to abandon all Road Work Projects in ROAN & MPATAMATO townships, which were only seemingly started to fool voters to support the PF Candidate, in the just ended ROAN Constituency by elections which the UPNDC Candidate JOSEPH CHISHALA won resoundingly.

It appears PF’s AATATE AKASAKA KANDALAMA is up to his nefarious divisive tricks again where he ILLEGALLY & UNDEMOCRATICALLY WITHHOLDS DEVELOPMENT in Opposition areas & in areas whose PF MPs are suspected of harbouring Presidential ambitions. What a (fake)Christian nation.


  1. That wont change the Vote and the resolve by the people of Roan to kick PF out, now even those that voted for PF should be won over and told that Roan is now no longer part of Zambia according to PF vocabulary so that they know that PF is not their friend but the opposition, in fact as opposition let us mobilize to do the road works ourselves as food for work programs even if it is gravel roads, at least mothers will have some source of income while making the roads a bit habitable, this will bury PF for good.

  2. actually its a good move by pf so that anywhere in the copperbelt all people must take note that the party is finished and needs replacement. that kind is enough to tell you that the direction has come to an end. full stop.


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