The United Party for National Development (UPND) is saddened to hear that the Patriotic front party led by Edgar Chagwa Lungu has failed to campaign country wide including Southern Province hence accusing people of Namwala of being tribal and beating their supporters. The story they are attributing to Namwala actually happened in Nakonde and police clarified it yesterday in their statement by police spokesperson.

In Southern Province we are a peaceful people who will never beat a person who is there to campaign in a peaceful way.

In Southern Province we have many political parties such as UNIP, MMD,FDD name them but at no time did these people complain of being beaten or chased because they are not Tongas.

We want to remind the Patriotic front and their President Lungu that as UPND we told them that in Southern Province people depend on Agriculture and therefore give them enough inputs but these people did not listen to the extent of even giving them 3 bags of fertilizer per Farmer

This is an insult to the People of Zambia not only Southern Province. Now that elections are on, they have come back to the same people who cried over bad policies of Agriculture and pf never listened hence not attending their campaign meetings.

Let pf and Mr Lungu just accept that people of Zambia have rejected them for destroying the country. Who can accept a government which has made all the commodities in Zambia to be not affordable? There are no medicines in the hospitals and if you are lucky you are given expired medicines, people of Zambia where gassed,markets where burnt, our mothers had their capital disturbed at the time when they where chassed by pf from the streets where they were selling their products to earn a living, name them.

Today because people of Zambia are tired of the Patriotic front’s lies hence not attending their meetings,they want to ride of tribe issues.

In Southern Province we have Headmen who are even Lozis like in Monze, in Namalio a fishing camp in Monze we have Bwalya as Headman. So where is tribalism here. Many Tongas a married to Bembas, Tumbukas, Chewa,Nsenga because it is one Zambia one Nation .People of Zambia are no longer voting through songs but through what they are seeing. They have seen that Mr. Lungu and pf have failed to run the country hence rejecting them and calling President Hakainde Hichilema and UPND to take over.

UPND will never talk about tribalism that is why even our Vice President Madam Mutale Nalumango is from Northern Province and the President is a Tonga. The party is interested in working for the people of Zambia and not a tribe. We therefore say that is nonsense and petty to drug UPND and Southerners in issues of tribalism. Let pf and Mr.Lungu just accept defeat even before People of Zambia cast a vote. Zambia forward.

Issued by
Southern Province UPND Youth Chairman
Hon. Mweemba Malambo.


  1. Which God is this Chimbwi talking about, the God I know would not allow hatred, crookedness and thuggery to reign!!

    Its home who has been hired to lie to the people and preach hatred for political expediency

    Which UPND did he join? The thug was never in UPND he was in NDC!!


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