PF rigging specialists only known by names Evelyn and Ibrahim popularly known as Ibu and are privileged with State House passes, are in Sesheke with suspected premarked ballots.

Ibu arrived last week while Evelyn arrived today.

The two were involved in several illegalities of the 2016 general election and the Chilanga by election. They were rewarded with K1million each which Evelyn used to buy or build several houses in Chalala.

PF have privately acknowledged their growing unpopularity and winning whatever seat at local or parliamentary election is a psychological boost for their dwindling supporters across the country.

It’s a rare occurrence for a sitting Head of State to to visit a constituency twice to canvass for votes. Lungu has visited Sesheke twice within a period of 48 hrs.

This action and the heavy militarization of Sesheke that resembled a military invasion that sent shockwaves and security alerts in neighbouring Namibia is a sign that Edgar Lungu and the PF will do anything including awakening satan from the gates of hell to rig in the Sesheke by election.

If the UPND internal security allows these thugs to be near a polling station in Sesheke, then they should forget about the seat because they are sophisticated and quick.



  1. Zambia is a democratic country and its people are free to choose either to be in an alliance or not.
    What has happened in DR Congo is pure selfishness of some individual who thinks himself love power so much than others. Democracy is about respect of other peoples’ properties e.g votes. In democratic societies, honest should come out first. That is the moral soundness of individuals is more important in democratic societies. Democracy can never be practiced by political fools though man is a political animal. Fools are persons who pretend to have good morals, but incline themselves to underhand methods like vote rigging and the like, just to be in power. The political animal of man does not imply foolishness of man.


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