Press statement for immediate release

Mpongwe…April 14, 2019

The entire UPND branch officials in Munkumpu Ward of Mpongwe District on the Copperbelt have resigned from the opposition party to join the ruling Patriotic Front.

These that defected include 48 ward and branch officials and over 500 ordinary UPND members with Membership cards.

The defectors were led by former UPND Munkumpu ward Secretary Lewis Matipa.

The defectors were received by PF Mpongwe District Chairman Prestone Mpondamali in Mpongwe Sunday afternoon.

Mr Mpondamali said the defection of the over 500 UPND members shows how the ruling party has continued to grow in rural Copperbelt.

He said the the people of Mpongwe are so confident with the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Mpondamali is happy that the new members have shown that they do not want to remain behind in the development agenda of the PF.

The PF leadership in Mpongwe has since formed branches with the new members in Munkumpu ward.

The new members have since pleaded to work and grow the PF in Munkumpu ward and Mpongwe District.

Issued by

PF Media Team Mpongwe


  1. Bufi, ba makaka. They have just taken recess. Is it that you have paid them, eat it . It’s tax payers money, your money.

  2. Give them more money and buy them they will show you that outside they are greens but you shall never change the insde red. Go flat out and dish out a lot of your PF money.

    Please UPND dont give out the regalia to any because icimwela nacipupa. The sinking noat is drowning day by day.

  3. Is Pf still a party to defect to? The opposition alliance is receiving massive support from Zambian people and will humble pf in or before 2021.

  4. `These are the kind of things that are misleading the PF, anywhere keep it up with your self deception 2021 is around the corner.


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